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1, 2, 3 … perfect legs!

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Summer is definitely the time of year when we pay them more attention to body care. The famous Operation Bikini put in macha and the goal is to summer as prepared as possible.

Today we are going to tell you
how to get the most out of body treatments , anti – cellulite and remodelantes nonsurgical cabin (cavitation, mesotherapy, radiofrequency, carboxiterapia …) to look perfect legs in summer .

A few days ago we told you about our line
MartiDerm LegVass , with which to treat all problems arising from poor circulation, such as swelling and heavy legs .

cellulite , though not an exclusive phenomenon of women, mainly affects this. Furthermore, their presence is not always due to the same factor, but the predisposition to suffer can be caused by differentcauses .

However, what we propose today serves in most cases it is due to
poor circulation and fluid retention . Both are related to hormonal, congenital, food or lifestyle factors , which are the main reasons for their appearance.

In addition, we are going to present one of the products we have in the body line.

MartiDerm has a
remodeling and reducing, able to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin treatment . It is the Modelift Platinum Line .
Modelift is a
cream for localized areas with a moisturizing , firming and tightening thanks to the assets it holds. Among them we are:
It is specific to
arms, abdomen and thighs . How to use: Apply morning and evening, with clean, dry skin in the areas to be treated using circular upward massage until completely absorbed. When we submit to treatments specific to improve the appearance of the famous “orange peel” stored fat becomes a liquid substance that is excreted in the urine . Therefore, it is essential to help drain with pressure therapy or manual massage after every session .
favor this from inside, taking one capsule a day of LegVass , and apply a patch on the same line after each session, our care and beauty routine will be even more effective .
Each patch lasts 8 hours, during which releases progressively the ingredients for better effect.

If you combine the application of a
LegVass patch with daily use of Modelift, you must place the patch on the skin clean and dry before application of body cream. And do not forget that c ny reducing treatment will be much more effective if accompanied by exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.



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