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10 beauty secrets for this summer

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In summer active social life: you walks, swimming in the beach or pool, lunch and dinner with family and friends, traveling to new places … Want to be more beautiful than ever? We reveal the secrets ‘beauty’ to succeed this summer .

Between holidays and intensive days in the summer months we have more free time to enjoy with our spouse, our children, our friends … also arise more leisure opportunities , a day at the beach or pool, a barbecue with friends, a dinner fashion terrace, a concert of your favorite band … So you’re pretty in any of these situations here are the 10 beauty secrets of this summer.

1-Protect yourself from the sun . We are becoming more aware of the damage caused sunlight on the skin. In addition to burns, the sun is the main cause of premature aging (without forgetting that can cause skin cancer and melanomas). So before you lie in the sun, remember that your skin should be protected to prevent smudging, premature wrinkles and, of course, burns. Do not leave home without sunscreen!

2-hair in the wind . Take advantage of the summer to clean your hair. The sun, chlorine, constant humidity, saltpeter … are lethal for hair. Our proposal is that at least you free styling tools such as hair dryers, irons and curling irons. Let dry your hair outdoors and opt for simple hairstyles and do not require much effort : A wet look or combing wet look is perfect for day and night, the surfing waves are one of the most summery hairstyles, also braids and mONKEYS dancer triumph this summer.

3-Not a hair on the body . It is the time of year when you can not afford even a nap more legs, English, arms … Choose the hair removal technique that ‘s most comfortable and be constant: laser, cold or hot waxing, shaving, epilation, etc.

4-Feet perfect . It’s time to show off. Sandals not feel good if you have impeccable feet, and not just to paint the nails, cracked heels too … A ruin any look, so do not let them . With a pedicure or in a specialized, either in your own house center, your feet will look perfect.

5-colored nails . Hands and feet. Paint your nails matching with shades of the same range or contrast. This summer take from the more discreet colors like white, nude or pastries, even the most vibrant like electric blue, orange, lavender, yellow minion … Without forgetting the whole range of reds and pinks.

6-skin hydrated . This summer fashion tops with bare shoulders, suspenders, miniskirts and shorts are going to show off a lot of skin and is not the same show soft, smooth, firm, supple skin … a dry and chapped skin. Exfoliate once a week and moisturizes the skin daily your body with lotions, oils and balms after the sun. And do not forget to drink water, DO plenty of water!

7-Keep cellulite at bay . Anti – cellulite and firming are our allies for showing off at the beach or pool. It is true that it is useless to use them only in summer, but if you combine them with a balanced diet and practice regular exercise , are perfect to combat orange peel and firm thighs, hips, buttocks and belly.

8- Take care of your lips . The skin of the lips is up to seven times thinner and suffers a lot at this time. If you do not want your mouth lose one iota of sex appeal, do not forget to exfoliate lips with a balm hydrate and protect them from the sun.

9- BB Cream and sun powders . In summer we tend to simplify our beauty routines, so your ally to look flawless skin is the BB Cream CC Cream and others. These creams moisturize, correct, unified, protected from the sun and bring color in a single gesture. Then apply a touch of powders or bronzers sun and you have the perfect look for both day and night.

10 , Power your eyes . Summer makeup is more natural and fresh. For the day, simply with a touch of mascara and lip gloss or a pink or peach. For evening, use a makeup eyeliner for a “cat eye ‘or shadows bar that will give you a more sophisticated air.

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