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10 exercises and 4 tricks for perfect glutes

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Oh buttocks! We want perfect : hard, definite, firm, toned, enhanced without cellulite, round, powerful, strong and soft … An impossible? Well, maybe perfection does not exist (and also each person has their own ideal) but if we approach it, it’s best to leave us in trouble and get to it. Like any muscle group, buttocks have their own isolation exercises; each more popular and effective. Yes, effective … but only if we are consistent and properly execute get them to be. Are you Prepare @ to look at last a real scandal buttocks? Discover 10 exercises (and 4 tricks) to help you achieve your goal.

1. Squats open (SUMO) : We have already spoken on other occasions of this kind of squats, one of the most effective gluteal and, above all, to define the outside of the hip. Take your time and you can make them deeper. But without going over .

2. Bulgarian Squat : Also can find as Bulgarian stride, because it is actually a kind of ‘mix’ between stride and squats. It is perfect to train stability and our power snatch. You can gradually add weight to make it more complicated.

3. Deadweight Romanian : a demanding exercise and you have to do dumbbell or barbell. Until you get used to the movement, go with low weight and measuring time very well. Over the weeks that you will verify add more weight gradually and move amounts that neither had imagined. 

4. Side Squat : The squat classic … From another point of view. Eventually you’ll be able to incorporate a small dumbbell to increase the difficulty. Do not hurry to run this complex movement and focus on not losing balance, which is essential in this routine.

5. If this is your first time , try first to master the exercise phases: standing, crouch and supports arms on the floor, then kicks with both legs back and make the move back to the starting position. You already have it!

6. Kick Donkey : A classic exercises on the mat and has been devalued for others, but certainly more than its effectiveness is proven. You can switch between different types there and adding weight (weights) as you progress with your practice. 

7. skilled enough experience in stride

8. Diamond or Clamshell : A curious exercise which is hardly known but it is perfect for beginners in the ‘scene buttocks’. Lie sideways on the floor with your legs bent and raised, like a hinge, you left free to leave a space shaped ‘diamond’. What is not so complicated?

9. Side Leg Rises (with or without ballast) : Helping a chair or a fulcrum, with the back straight, will raise one of our legs laterally to an angle of approximately 30 °. It is very important not to extension to avoid damaging our tendons and muscles. At first, try without ballast.

10. Good morning : It seems incredible, but this exercise is best to train our buttocks. And yet, hardly used. Maybe it’s the fact of having to incorporate a weight bar, something that can throw us back. However, the key is to start weightless (only bar) to master the technique. Then we can raise the weight gradually.  

… and 4 tips that are holy hand:

1. Diet: How many good workouts will have been ruined by a bad diet? Yes it’s correct. You can do all the sit – ups you want, but if your diet does not accompany, little can do. The ‘fuel’ that enters your body is key. Our advice? Reduce (or remove) canned / fried / sweet and eat more fish, lean meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts. It all adds up.

2. Cardiovascular exercise: Dare to incorporate into your routine some cardiovascular exercise: you burn more fat and have more endurance. If you’re not out of the running, try compressing your exercise routines explosive type  HIIT or Tabatas

3. Always attack: One of the maxims for the success of any training is … Renew or stagnate. If you are one of those who repeat the same exercises over and over again, week after week, you’re doomed. Progressively increases the difficulty, either by introducing new exercises, weight or more repetitions; and how to vary your routine to avoid falling into boredom. 

4. Rest: Rest is one of the cornerstones that form part of a successful routine. Your muscles recover while resting, so it is vital to give them the necessary rest to ‘re-charging’ with guarantees. Two keys: Do not train your butt every day (3 times a week is more than enough) and sleeping at least 7 hours ‘pull’. 


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