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10 makeup tricks for brunettes

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Hello everybody! Knowing what kind of makeup is best suited for your skin type and color of your hair is always handy, as this will achieve highlight the features of your face. Following the advice of a few days ago about tips for blondes , now we see the  radiant makeup for women and girls with skin and dark hair the following colors must consider: 1. Base makeup:  always use a base as similar to the tone natural skin. If you want to get a tan, apply your makeup over the terracotta bronze powders and observe a natural and smooth tan. Avoid the mask effect! 2. Cheeks:

If you want to add a touch of blush to your cheeks, blushers honey test tones. The caramel peach tones and brunettes feel great and if not always flattering pink, orange commitment.

3. Eyes:  The eyes are a powerful weapon of seduction of women and to highlight them , uses shadows in cool tones. From the blue or gray, to mauve tones and earth tones always or beige to brighten up your eye. You can wear a smoky look intense night with black combined with dark beige and gray tones. To give light to the upper eyelid, during the day you can always wear black and brown kohl to outline your eyelashes.

4. Eyelashes:  of course, do not forget to outline the top of your eyelashes with kohl pencil (always wear black or brown tones) and finally, highlights your eyes with a mascara that brings light flashes in your eyes. Masks used in bluish black shades if your makeup is night and brown tones if you want to display a sophisticated look daily. Bet to emphasize your eyes! 5. Eyebrows: it is very important to keep your eyebrows properly delineated and fixed. Use eyebrow pencil then use a brush to keep fixer perfect all day.

6. Lips: the range of tones used in makeup to highlight women’s lips brown chestnuts or go through the colors bronze, brown or pink, also uses bright pink moisturizing and you will bring a juicy and sensual lips, and orange tones or red.


7. When you take the sun , one of the problems of being tanned is that it is much easier than the skin look shiny and greasy appearance. Use skin powders instead of using a liquid base to avoid this effect. If you also have oily skin, use this trick makeup: decántate mineral powder makeup when you’re brunette, and apply them with a brush.

8. If you are very tanned , avoid strong makeup and opt for subtle shades: dark brown instead of black eyebrows, eyelashes with a normal size, a simple base of the color of your skin simply unify … less is more.

9. Be careful with concealer and illuminator when you have dark skin. If you apply it beyond the ojera, it will look very white in contrast to your skin and be very artificial. Limit yourself to only that area and then blend it well so it does not stand out on your tan complexion.

10. If you have a soft golden hue , a look ‘smoky’ for the night you lay great. Yes, keep your lips, roses and inconspicuous, or the result will be inelegant. With brown skin and makeup have solved part because they already have the right tone of the base! To contrast, I suggest the pearlescent colors for lips and eyes, not very bright colors, opt for a strawberry gloss with flashes and a turquoise for shadows.


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Happy week! xxx

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