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10 makeup tricks to be beautiful on the beach

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We all like to be beautiful anywhere, also on the beach or at the pool, but the sun does not always get along with makeup. I’ll give you some tricks to be beautiful during your holiday on the coast, but without your look look artificial or afectes your skin. Here you go:

1. Apply sunscreen

The first thing to remember is that whenever you go to the beach, pool or even the street during the summer  your skin should be protected. Always

you must start your ‘make up’ with sunscreen, use it as
a basis, some have color and are perfect for

covering impurities.
You can use it for the same purpose you use your BB Cream daily but with an extra

essential sun protection.

2. Avoid base topcoats 

In contact with water these rules lose their uniformity. Background makeup use every day is worth. Chances are that heat becomes more liquid and disappear quickly from your skin and they do not breathe. Use instead one

very light base or only with colored sunscreen
is the best option.

Have you tried the protective with color?
They are like BB or CC cream, protect your skin and rise a

little color, but
naturally . It gives you a perfect cover for a daytime look. I recommend

SPF +50 Avene. 

3. And do not use powders

I also

advise you to use powders, because when you start to perspire they will become a
compact mass. Remember my proposal of point 2.

4. Natural Lips

Very ornate and flashy lips are not the best choice for a beach look, uses better colors

Nobody is going to the beach with red lips passion, commitment roses or oranges that are so


5. Lip Tint

If you want to print lips also on the beach, you can resort to lip tint but always under

a balm with SPF.
Paints lips red, wait until completely dry and then

apply your
sunscreen. This step is very important because
the skin in this area is more likely to

. I love Benetint, Benefit (33,90 €) makeup that can also be applied to

the cheeks.

6. Do not use gloss, leave it at home 

The extra brightness of these formulas acts as a magnet for sun and increases

the possibility that you
burn away the skin of the lips.

7. Use or bronzing powder blushers

If you want better tone , use some blush or bronzing powder. In fact, some powders

include sunscreen.
Still, be careful when you get in the water or sweat because you can leave

your face full of welts.
There cream blushers, there are really cute as my favorite Creme de Blush

Yves Saint Laurent (38.60 €). 

8. Mascara ‘waterproof’

The mascara is a fantastic option if ‘waterproof’ (waterproof) better, since you can swim without

fear that the mask run and leave you face as a panda.
We are left with 2000 Calorie

Waterproof Max Factor.

9. Not eyeshadows

Although cream formulas last longer, with water it is

also likely to be blurred.
You can even product you between the eyes. Better go to the beach or pool without shadows.

10. Eye Pencil long-term

Although your look will not be too natural, an eye pencil long-last is also suitable for the

Tip: bet
for color delineated in summer tones. And remember, it is long

I love Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, Nars (25,65 €). If you add a touch of waterproof mascara you will be perfect for a day at the beach with friends, without

jeopardizing your skin and preventing heat, water and sweat spoil your look

My favorite products:

  • BB cream Biotherm Aquasource -15.95 €, Kielh’sBB cream, La Roche Posay (€ 14,90) 
  • CC Cream SPF 50 Avene 
  • Benetint Benefit (33,90 €) 
  • Cream Yves Sant Laurent Blush (38,60) 
  • Babydoll waterproof mascara YSL, Max Factor waterproof 2000Calories 

I wish you a wonderful week!

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