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10 makeup tricks to get bigger eyes

In Hair Care Tips

Make –
up not only allows us to highlight the most attractive places in our face and our

It can also help us to look with great effectiveness,
a different appearance

which represents our reality
. We can, with the help of a simple trick makeup, eyes look

larger and brighter.
Here I give you some guidelines to get it

1. delimits the shape of your eyebrows 

Tweezing eyebrows properly
helps the eyes appear larger. Before shaving using

a beige pencil and color the hair or your spare area.
This will help you and instead
invent and plucking

, you’ll see exactly what you’re taking eyebrows.

2. long and thick eyelashes

Get your lashes look as long as possible. C omienza removing excess mascara from the

brush and applied directly to the end of the tabs (direction always upward to open more eyes).
To make them look
thicker wait a few seconds and then applying mascara at the base of the eyelashes making small moves from right to left.

3. Use twin shadows

Using two different shades of the same color shade with which you wear makeup will create dimension

and depth
on your eyelids. Use the darkest shade first applied all mobile eyelid and the

lighter ones
in the center.

4. Use light colors

If you are the type who think they carry a smoked makes you eyes  smaller, do not have to give up this kind of makeup. Just change the tone you

are maquillas,
experimenting with tones and brilliant shades lighter.

5. Note the lash line

Remember it is always important to keep most of the shadows around the line

of eyelashes.
It is very important because it creates the structure and shape of the eyes also will make

your eyes look bigger.

6. Tap line

After applying the mask and when it has dried well, apply a liquid eyeliner with the brush

between the flanges
with small dots to fill the spaces between tab and

In this case this trick will also make it appear more
elongated line

of your lashes
without scoring a visible line, look natural and the effect will make your eyes look

larger crowded. 

7. Use liquid concealers

Uses liquid concealers  instead of cream to correct the area under the eyes. Liquids are

blurred and are best applied, are more hydrating thus
not mark the lines.

8. populated defined Brow

One of the best tricks to make your eyes look bigger is that your eyebrows seem populated and

To do this, use an  eyebrow pencil or paintbrush tone and shade your eyebrows , carefully fill any small empty space in them.

9. Paint your lips

Use a bright color on the lips and eye mask is a great trick to make your eyes look

bigger without using shadows.
You just need to erase spots, correct well below

the eyes with concealer and you
‘re ready.

10. Find a flattering haircut 

Of course, another way to achieve a more generous in size is help look a good cut

Bangs are blunt and unevenly, paraded or straight
frame the eyes and

make it the center of attention
so that achieve the effect we seek. You can also opt

for a soft, short bangs cut diagonally.
never let your eyebrows tape because it

would produce the opposite result.
Rovings or reflections in this area also help. If you’re not from

those die by flequillos you can opt for a cut with layers that tend toward the cheeks

when the combs.

Do you have questions or want to know many more tricks? Write to and following the posts dedicate to your

Happy week! xxx

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