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10 practical tips to choose your wedding dress (and hit)

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Many of us have, from small, an idea in the head of what will be our bridal look, and so, much of the wedding preparations focus on the style of the bride. And the bride is, for most women, the most special of his life dress. So choose the right model, your dress is essential (not always easy). Take note of these tips we give you, and that many would have liked to receive when we had to find our own.

1. First of all, do not disguises : that is the most important dress of your life does not mean it as ‘special’ that do not recognize you. Note that in 20 years, when you come back to see the pictures, you have to go knowing that white (or color of your choice) was you.

2. So if there is something fundamental when choosing wedding dress is to be true to your style : you can not bet on a pompous style princess dress if in your day to day lights simple and discreet outfits; nor bet on the classic bridal sobriety if you tend to dress very modern looks and follow every trend that became fashionable in the new season.

3. And that is comfortable … You will spend many hours with the dress on, so you have to feel comfortable with him. A trick? Move him around the store, pretend you dance, you feel that raise and lower stairs, to bend over you … Also, see if you you can remove comfortably on your own when you go to the bathroom (remember again, are many hours) .

4. Do not dismiss anything ‘a priori’ : Perhaps the first thought you had what it would be your dress is not the one that suits you and perhaps a model that you thought I would not look good, surprise you. But remember: always faithful to your style.

5. Add -ons are always key , so as to dress, put much effort into looking for shoes, jewelry, bouquet or perfect makeup and hairstyle, which better reflect your style and that are commensurate with the chosen dress .

6. Consider the time of year and the venue , since it is not the same one that religious civil ceremony; a wedding in the countryside, on the beach or in the city; and of course, if it is morning or afternoon. Although it ‘s you who sets the rules on your wedding day, you should take into account certain details of protocol to have consistency throughout the organization.

7. Buy your dress with enough time to not overwhelm the deadlines of evidence. Experts recommend nine months , but the truth is that tests your actual size and subsequent arrangements do not start until about 4 months before the wedding date.

8. Set a budget , and try to stick to it.

9. ‘realities’ of American television have done much damage, so do not worry if, when you choose your dress, you see arrows neon pointing with your name, or you lie to mourn, no inner voice yells ” it’s yours is yours “with neons. Most of us know is our dress more show.

10. Listen to the opinions of your mother, sister or a friend, but remember they are just that, opinions , the decision is yours, personal and non – transferable. It also prevents the tester from becoming a circus (rereads the previous point, you’re not a reality show American).

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