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10 tips and benefits of playing sports with your partner on Valentine’s Day

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1. Animaos each other. One of the primary when sports couple issues, is to have that support our @ comrades that we will have an ‘extra’ dot. A little honest animation will be very useful when better ourselves and not get stuck. Any achievement, however small, deserves applause.

2. A little competition is healthy. If it’s okay encourage a ‘pique’ healthy also give us extra motivation. Overcome a challenge and advance releases endorphins and is beneficial to our training. If you also aderezamos with small ‘awards’ and ‘punishments’ (now your turn to take out the garbage, for example) you can turn into something very interesting.

3. Help and let yourself help. Either with weights in the ‘bench press’ or when executing an arbitrary exercise, it must be done correctly. Our partner can be the best personal trainer and let us know if we are doing wrong movement. You can also help us when placing weights or think about a new movement.

4. Break the routine. Get home and sit on the couch is one of the favorite activities when we got home. But what if you break for a little exercise with your partner? It is very exciting to get home and do not expect it is time to start making sport with your chic @. Try it and see.

5. Each has its own rhythm and favorite activities. Please note that always one that will be in better shape than the other. But having a different physical form does not mean that you have to do sport separately, if not the opposite. You need not do the same routines. And if you like different sports, you can always switch you.

6. tomároslo as a “hobby” more. Go for a walk, go to the movies, shopping … And now sports. Incorporate it as part of your daily activities and thus will have no excuse when it comes to sports. If you have already booked your time at least three times a week will be harder ‘unhook’.

7. I shot you, you throw me. If one day we will overcomes laziness or exhaustion, we can always count on our partners to encourage us . Something that applies in the day and that should also be done when playing sports. And if no one wants … A day off will help you regain harder the next workout.

8. Increased coordination with your partner. Few things unite more than the sport … And if your partner is your best friend, what better than playing a sport together? The feeling of wellbeing that occurs at the end of the exercise with your companion is indescribable. 

9. You already have an comrades … and free! Tennis, paddle tennis, football, basketball, cycling … No more playing ‘solo’. You now have rival and comrades all in one! And, if sometimes sport can be boring, fun couple multiplies and it distracts the effort, making it more bearable. 

10. Sport is sexy. If, as you read. Takes note next time you see your partner exercise and think , there are few activities sexier than seeing your ‘partner’ exercising … Although it is better that you check yourself.

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