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10 tips for a full autumn

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  1. Pretend you are a CHAIR . Consider that your psychological balance and your self – esteem resemble a four – legged chair: one representing professional life, another private (spouse, parents, children), other social (friends, social gatherings) and finally the associated relationship with same. If you grant an inordinate importance to them (work, for example) you lose your balance. Our advice: take away to consider your life in perspective and ask the right questions, for example, by listing what makes you happy with its positive and negative side. You may find that you need to reorient.
  2. STRESS WITHOUT KITCHEN WHIT Relaxation begins on your plate. It takes time for lunch time searealmente pause. Avoid TV dinner in front wing, because what you see may suddenly raise your adrenaline. And opt for alimentosricos in vitamins and trace elements which are conducive to good humory Zen attitude, such as magnesium, elzinc, lithium, cobalt, vitamins of group B, the famous omega 3 … And if you want recipes to make your life easier Cosulta the book “Kitchen stress. Easy, fast and practical “(Ed. NGV. Naumann & GobelVerlagsgesellschaft, € 3.95).
  3. Help your DEFENSAS See the glass half full and not empty medium neutralizes the cascade of hormonal reactions increases secretion of stress – related hormones. These eventually exhaust the body and the immune system. Another solution: watch your food. The crux of the matter is energy. If you do not have enough, the smallest microbe (or worry insignificant) you can trigger a cold or herpes. A sufficient amount of omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin B (B9 and B12) is necessary for good defense against infection. The B vitamins found in liver, vegetables, whole grains; magnesium is present in whole grains and legumes; and omega 3 rapeseed oil, flax and blue fish.
  4. WRITES TO CALM YOUR MIND  Writing a diary and “emotional” writing are drugs whose power has been observed in laboratory tests. Numerous studies have shown that when asthmatic patients or patients suffering from painful rheumatism wrote about the difficult events for those who were going through in their

    lives, they felt better mood and your immune system is stimulated, can persist this effect up to
    four months .
  5. I NTENTA sleep like a baby Cena light, avoid stimulants and if

    you’re the type who has difficulty falling asleep, limiting coffee to a morning cup.
    Say goodbye cigarettes over the evening. They stimulate the central nervous system and are responsible for a slight stutter and sleep. Also say goodbye to the sport beyond the seven p.m. and (computer, television …) screens when the sun goes down. In short, in the course of the

    afternoon makes quiet activities.
  6. Love him (Y quiérete) MUCH Making love regularly not only has the virtue of stoking the feeling of love and contribute to the cohesion of the couple, but is also good for sleep and health. Serotonin and dopamine released with orgasm untie euphoria associated with pleasure and relaxation. And endorphins, natural morphine, also make an appearance, producing a state of relaxation conducive to sleep.
  7. Seeketh knowledge health of the body rests on five pillars: physical activity, a deep breath and conscious, rest, a

    balanced diet and give up
    toxic habits. But this is not suficiente.Otros five pillars are essential to the spirit again, deep breathing and conscious, which regulates the balance between positive and negative emotions, meditation (to self – regulate our attention), confidence (for relativize fears), fluency (which governs the adaptive capacity) and consistency.
  8.  Purify your apartment Put some green in your life to clean up the

    atmosphere of your home or workplace.
    Leaves, roots and soil absorb harmful chemicals to turn them into nutrients. Aloe vera absorbs formaldehyde adhesives present in the carpets, the purpose cleaners or the clothes dry cleaned; Azaleas reduce ammonia found in floor cleaners; chrysanthemums recycle triclorietileno paints and solvents, etc … To learn more,

    search the internet “phytoremediation”.
  9. Abandon TRANQUILIZER ¿15 years ago take sleeping pills? You can leave. There are two possible solutions, says Sylvie Royant-Parola, psychiatrist, sleep specialist and author of “Overcoming Insomnia” (editorial Synthesis): “The sharp, which is to stop the pills overnight and accept that, for several nights it will be impossible to sleep. Or the second, which is based on a gradual reduction in dose over several months. “
  10. ENTREGATE to massages are purely mechanical effect: to set in motion the tissues activate blood and lymph circulation and help eliminate toxins. The fact massaging diabetic patients regularly balance your blood sugar. In addition, generally, they have a calming effect complete with an increase in the body ‘s defenses.

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