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10 tips for the proper use of ‘Bótox’ – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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With the objective of providing accurate information and dispel myths about botulinum toxin , five Spanish dermatologists have developed a Decalogue also seeks to promote the proper use of that substance. Those responsible for this document are Ricardo Ruiz, Manuel Asin, Josep González Castro, Nerea Landa and Vicent Alonso.

The points of the Decalogue are as follows:

Botulinum toxin 1. improves wrinkles. It is ideal for improving wrinkles, such as brow, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles treatment. To combat the loss of volume, quality of the skin and flaccidity, Cristina de las Heras, surgeon and expert in Aesthetic Medicine, explains that should be treated with other dermatological techniques with hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite and facial bio – implants, useful to increase autonomous production of collagen.

2. It is safe. Its use is safe and is also applied to addressing headaches, tics, strabismus and excessive sweating. In the latter, botulinum toxin type A blocks the nerve impulse to the sweat glands. “So the release of sweat is reduced in the treated glands without affected other nerve functions. Is ambulatory, injecting small doses on the underarm skin, and the effect is progressive from the second day “said De las Heras. The Decalogue also says is safe in children to correct abnormal muscle movement.

3. Beware dose. To achieve natural results without losing the expression must use appropriate doses. “To calculate the optimal dose should be assessed variables such as the characteristics of the musculature or the desired ratio level. It is recommended to start with a mild dose, which is the minimum but effective amount “, highlighted this expert. On the other hand, the muscles should relax, but not paralyzed with high amounts.

4. prevents wrinkling. “Botulinum toxin has the preventive effect on aging by educating the facial muscles , ” says the Decalogue. Act on how this substance, De las Heras said botulinum toxin is a polypeptide synthesized by binding with receptors on nerve cells, prevents the release of acetylcholine. Inhibition of this neurotransmitter allows muscle relaxation and the consequent removal of wrinkles. “This means that to the extent that this process continues, muscle relaxation prevent wrinkling and new lines” specifies.

5. Each patient is different. The anatomy of each person requires technique, injection and dosage are different for natural results. “For example, the shape of the eyebrow women (gullwing) is totally different from the shape of male flange which is closest to the straight and eyelid” notes document.

6. Repeat treatment. The treatment must be repeated every four to six months to have a lasting effect.

7. A comprehensive facial approach. A comprehensive skin treatment with the aim of achieving natural results is necessary: “It is therefore desirable to treat the entire face with Botulinum toxin to relax the depressor muscles of facial expression.”

8. Improves mood. “When the indication is for aesthetic purposes, this asset corrects wrinkles and a rejuvenated image can help both have a positive social attitude, work and personally , ” says De las Heras. This expert notes that when used by prescription, such as targeted treatment of pain or hyperhidrosis, botulinum toxin helps to improve the quality of life and self – confidence of the patient, respectively.

9. The poor results are due to poor technique. Poor execution produces undesirable results. About possible side effects, De las Heras comments that are reversible, “Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection can cause local discomfort, redness, swelling and sometimes a hematoma”. Other reactions are nausea, headache, malaise or be kept in the mouth.

10. Less is more. The main objective of this technique is to improve facial appearance without seeming artificial.

To publicize the Decalogue and answer questions on Friday, 13 as maypole , the authors held several information sessions in their respective clinics in Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia . “During these sessions will discuss the need to know the facial anatomy and functioning , ” explains De las Heras, who will participate in the session to be held at the International Dermatological Clinic in Madrid.

On the pharmacist ‘s role when addressing these patients, De las Heras says there are cosmetics that can be complementary : “The Algerian is effective from the third month after treatment, it prolongs the results. If after injection bruising occurs, the application of arnica and vitamin K can be useful to accelerate healing. ” The specialist also warns that the photoresist is essential to prevent hyperpigmentation.

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