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10 tips from professional makeup artists to show perfect eyebrows

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Never you noticed that if we change the shape of our eyebrows, our facial expression changes completely? The way to wear them is key to our factions look one way or another. And for that, hair removal and proper makeup will be crucial. Notes the professional advice they give us Crespo Barbara and Jack, official makeup of Maybelline New York .

Eyebrows are for makeup and shoes for styling: the touch that makes the difference “, says Jack, official makeup artistMaybelline New York that also goes on to remind that “must always be perfectly coiffed, since they are essential to frame the eyes , so its shape, thickness and length help you get one or the other look”.

Barbara Crespo says, meanwhile, that “our gaze expresses feelings, emotions, but it is also a center of harmony. Therefore, an eyebrow that enhances the look that accompanies it , only accentuates further the main function with eyes in nonverbal language “and hide light ‘defects’ (sunken eyes, too close together or apart …). And a phrase that we love the make – up artist of Maybelline New York : ” It’s not you, are your eyebrow s”. Because, as we remember Barbara Crespo, they are under the eye, and if your form is right, have the power to cleanse, enlighten, rejuvenate and bring personality to our look.

10 Practical and simple tips for a #cejasperfectas: 

1. No fads that follow : the right eyebrow favors today, tomorrow and forever.

2. The design of the eyebrows is determined by its natural form and your eyes and face.

3. The eyebrow has to cover the entire eyelid and its length is determined by your nose. Of course, if you have eyes or drooping eyelids, it is best to shorten the end of the eyebrow to raise his eyes.

4. Combing, define and set your eyebrows it is essential to gain expression in his eyes.

5. The makeup is key to getting thicker in our eyebrows , provided we use a lighter tone to our natural color to fill voids and create a very natural ‘shadow’ effect. It is what happens with Brown Drama Maybelline New York (the first mask eyebrows getting comb and qualify them naturally) which also helps us to ‘play’ with the shape of our eyes , either toward or apart, or making sharper or thicker our nose.

6. For a natural effect, we must take
eyebrows the same color as the root of our hair (always darker than the ends). Of course, if you’re pretty blonde eyebrows try to bring a tone above, look for marked and not ‘lost’ in your face.

7. It is essential to have  a good eyebrow design and tweak it to keep it perfect every 20 days, approximately.

8. Eyebrows also need hydration .

9. If you are long or curly can trim the ends, and if you have gray hairs on them, cut them out and disimúlalas with makeup.

10. Remember thick eyebrows, harden factions; while a slightly marked, add sweetness to face. The choice is yours at all times!

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