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10 tips so that the ‘Back to the Gym’ does not make you uphill

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1. Before returning to the gym, move:  The day before (or two) to return to the gym try to be as ‘active’ possible. Walk at least 30 minutes (40 would be ideal), up more stairs, do small runs. Everything so that your body knows that the break is over and playing back with renewed energy.

2. First day, Touchdown: The first day is always the hardest. Shoelaces are there, lurking just around the corner. Dedicate downgrade your expectations and no more than 30 minutes on your return. Focus on low – intensity cardiovascular exercises and, if you opt for dumbbells, weight reduction until you find one that you feel comfortable.

3. More cardio: After weeks of vacation (or a month at best) Sorry to tell you that your aerobic capacity has suffered a significant percentage. So, at least the first week, focus on exercises ‘cardio’ (cycling, HIIT, ‘running’, swimming …) with a low impact. At least 20 minutes of your workout should be cardio.

If you are a ‘yogi’ or your exercises are low impact (how the Pilates Method or the like), also we advise you to reduce the intensity and, above all, duration.

4. Beware of overexertion: This part is vital because most of us on the second day and think shoelaces are long gone. Well, no. You should not go from an average intensity and discard large sustained efforts. In any case, listen to your body and at the slightest sign of weakness, and leave it for another day. 

5. Train large muscle groups: The first week seeks to work the large muscle groups (-espalda- lats, legs, chest and to a lesser extent, shoulders) and go more or less as they move day. It should be borne in mind that small groups are also involved when you exercise large, so opt for exercises (how burpees) to work your whole body.

6. Watch your diet: We are what we eat, so your food is important to return with guarantees. Forget the ‘extra’ like ice cream, Snacks, sweets, alcohol … And begin to fill your body with quality fuel meat, oily fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit will be your greatest allies.

7. Beware innovate: Forget saying “New year, new life”. In ‘fitness’ it does not work. If you thought about changing your routine after the summer, do not worry, there is plenty of time. But do not subject your body to exercise or unknown loads, since the effect can be very harmful: from shoelaces to injury. Return to the routine with which you said goodbye in summer and go slowly changing.

8. Download any ‘app’ of ‘fitness’:  This is more of a motivator than anything else. Failing that , you can always convince a friend to accompany you (force) to return to exercise. You can also ‘soak’ knowledge and see some videos of motivation ‘fitness’ that we love. How far reaches your limit?

9. Look a target medium term:  The ‘extra pounds’ more should be a goal, not a burden. Remember that picture in which you were in top form or reach time (and overcome) you did in your outputs ‘running’ should be your goals. In a month you should go back to being how at first … If you have not gone from ‘lazy’ this holiday season .

10. Consult a professional: Either way, everything you have said makes no sense without listening to the advice of your coach, physiotherapist and / or doctor. Their opinions and recommendations will guide you in your goals and you’ll be more comfortable knowing you’re doing the right thing …

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