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10 tips to be happy and make your family happy

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Say scientific studies that happiness is determined by 50 percent by genetics, by 10 percent by external circumstances and 40 percent of us, intentional and emotional activities that lead us to be happy, recalls child psychologist Silvia Álava, author of ‘We want happy children’.With these data, the truth is that the way we face everyday life with its bad times and good times, has more influence than we think in our perception of whether we are or we are not happy. Therefore, as recalled Javier Gonzalez, CEO of Superior Magna Coaching Institute, it must be clear that it is something that we work every day: “Happiness is not an unattainable pipe dream, but a habit you should practice every day”. We gathered as a Decalogue some of the tips that we have drawn attention to how to achieve happiness. 

1. Decision, coherence and ability to relativize . María Fernández García-Fajardo, certified by the coach International Coach Federation , summed up his advice in these six key: take a firm decision that you want to be happy, live consistent with what you are, what you feel and what you want, you ( you, your friends, your family …), stretch your life, give things the importance and surround yourself with people you remember how wonderful life.

2. Evaluate how good it is and create security environments. Psychologist and author of ‘Amor del bueno’, Mila Cahué, encourages good value what we have, not only material things, but also how we are and how the people we have around us is. A view shared by Javier Gonzalez, Magna Coaching, who encourages your health care first, positive, laugh all you can and appreciate what you have. “Happiness feel safety environment and we have to create those environments and surround ourselves with people who generate happiness , ” he explains. 

3. To help build happiness since they are children. It reveals the psychologist Silvia Álava, 40% of children ‘s happiness depends on parents for what they see essential that they transmitted to their children values such as tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, effort, gratitude, daily work and constancy. Promote their autonomy, ‘labeling them ‘ as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ and avoid overprotection are some useful actions recommended by the expert.  

4. Think of you, in you and in you . “Focus your senses to yourself, the more focalices to others, what they say and how they behave, further you happiness. You can only change a person and is yourself “, says Javier Gonzalez. 

5. Power what you do well and set yourself little challenges . It is important to focus on all that we know we do well and encourage it because it makes us feel that we grow, says Mila Cahué. In addition, the author of ‘Amor del bueno’ recommends marked little challenges every day, we can meet, such as “make people laugh a co-worker” or “finish reading that book or that report the work that has been pending for long.” “Achieving these mini challenges will make you feel at ease, well, happy … Is happiness the little things , ” says the psychologist.  

6. Enjoy the journey of life . Many people interpret to be happy when they get what they want, but that is fleeting, says Javier Gonzalez, Magna Coaching, he argues: “Lasting happiness is in the journey. The way you choose to get to your destination. “

7. Empathy, yes, but an attempt to be a savior, no. As Javier Gonzalez argues in the feminine world it tends to show empathy and assume ownership of the emotions of others. “Adopting a role as savior and consider themselves the feelings of others, does not help you or others , ” he says. Therefore advised to practice empathic listening, assertiveness and forgiveness regularly, living in the present.  

8. Locate what makes you unhappy. Cipriano Toledo, psychotherapist and Director of the Center for Advanced psychotherapies , advises analyze what can make us unhappy: no help others, buy happiness with money, being with family only at weddings and funerals, care health with pills and no to have friends. “Happy people are in misery environments or palliative care facility, but never are happy people who have no friends and only think of themselves.”  

9. Take care of both your body and your mind. David Ponce, Director of osteopathic clinic that bears his name and author of “more love and less ibuprofen” encouraged to follow healthy habits to be happy: 30 minutes of exercise every day as an antidote for sadness and stress, eat healthy not skip meals and avoid too much white flour, fat and sugar, laugh and smile often, love and be loved ( we need relationships and contacts to be happy), living experiences (trips, contact with nature, cultural activities , feel the music …), dedicate time (fix, feel attractive …, practice assertiveness, empathizes and Solidarízate and rest properly.  

10. We close the Decalogue with these five messages that you want to record us with fire. The proposed Enrique Jurado, expert BrandCoaching and emotional intelligence , who, citing the work of John Izzo in “The 5 secrets you must discover before his death” exposes the summary of more than 200 interviews with people over 60 years who had been chosen by others as “happy people”. The five variables in common in all of them were:

1. Be consistent ( it is essential that your thoughts, your words, your emotions and your actions are aligned and do not enter into a permanent conflict. Be true to yourself).

2. Dare more (usually more than we regret what we have done what we have done. Do not act keeps us in an eternal question that generates unease and discomfort).

3. ama (te) (the word is linked to happiness. Love yourself, love yourself, love what you do, do what you love, love your places, your hobbies, your friends, your family …).

4. Live in the moment . Think about where your thinking is. If you are not here and now, you may be tense. Last by what could be and was not, or what I did wrong. So the future will bring and how to prepare to not suffer too much. Past as guilt and depression. and future with fear and anxiety. Live in the present, and give attendance before pre-care of .

5. Give more than you receive . People who give and put in service to others are the ones that receive happiness for these actions. Look around you and think you can be useful to others, and if you do not know, ask: Can I help you?

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