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10 tips to eliminate cellulite in the belly, legs and buttocks (and 10 recommended products that will help you)

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Do you remember that Mujerhoy.com did the New Year’s resolution to pamper ourselves more and be more beautiful every day? Well, we have begun to implement and we have started our body. In addition to a good workout in which there is no room for laziness, and a healthy, balanced diet, we have put in the hands of the most advanced cosmetic to say goodbye, once and for all, cellulite and start prepare to show off a flat stomach and legs and buttocks perfect.

Decalogue to end pienas cellulite, buttocks and belly:

1. Drink at least  1.5 liters of water a day : cellulite occurs by the accumulation of adipose tissue, but also favors the dehydration appearance, since the fat deposits are not diluted and expelled properly. 

2. Takes coffee (without excess), since  caffeine is a potent lipolytic agent  that stimulates the elimination of fats and has a powerful draining effect

3.  Watch your diet  and limit the intake of foods like bread, pasta, pastries and sausages. Also it neglects those causing fluid retention or gassy.

4. Instead, bet on the  red fruits , high in antioxidants that slow cellular aging, and  pineapple , with its usual power diuretic.

5. Avoid  abusive intake of red meat , as they have a high fat content.

6.  Use cold water in the shower,  as it has firming and toning power, as well as promote circulation 

7.  Escape sedentary lifestyle.

8.  Do sports  to promote toning your body, release toxins, promote blood circulation and eliminate fat through sweating. For a flat stomach, abs are our best allies; while strides, the ‘step’, the ‘spinning’, the ‘running’ or series of sit – ups are always a good bet.

9.  Avoid tight clothing and shoes with high heels,  as they hinder the venous return and alter blood pumping mechanisms. 

10. Reserve a few minutes in your daily beauty routine to incorporate some of the  anti – cellulite creams, reshaping and firming we show in the upper gallery,  and aplícatelas regularly with vigorous massage in the affected areas of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and inner arms. All can be found at El Corte Ingles.


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