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10 tips to hit with red lips

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For brunettes, blondes, redheads … the red feels great to all women. It is the lip color par excellence, for formal and informal looks, in summer and winter. If you do not know what color to paint your lips, bet on red and you will succeed, especially if you follow these 10 foolproof tricks. 

The lipsticks are the best selling cosmetics and red is the color star. What woman does not have a red lipstick? With matte effect, gloss or satin, red passion, dark or lighter ones , it is a color that does not go unnoticed. Red conveys confidence and security and lips is very versatile. It serves for women with dark skin white, brown and blond, red, black or mahogany hair .

But to hit with lipstick follow these tips:

Píntate red lips …

1-With a formal look , for a wedding, a party or an important event.

2-With a look i nformal , jeans and white shirt.

3-With a look ‘ total black’ , the lipstick will highlight your ‘outfit’ in black.

With a look-4 ‘total white’ , red and white are winner binomial

5- With a look minimalist , few accessories and discreet.

6- When the rest of your makeup is discreet, that is ‘ no make-up’ : Rimmel, thin eyeliner, shadows in neutral tones, soft blush …

Do not paint it red lips …

7-If you are dressed in red .

8- If you wear bold prints and multicolored.

9-If you have makeup eyes with a ‘cat eyes’ or smoky eyes.

10-If you have applied plenty of rouge on your cheeks.

When you do not know what color to paint your lips, bet on red and you will succeed. Pilar Lucas teaches you in this tutorial to paint you a perfect red lips .

In the upper gallery you can see a selection of lipsticks red and celebrities that look perfectly. Take note!

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