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10 tips to impress your guests at Christmas dinners

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Dinners with family and friends Christmas, far from being a good time, can become almost a nightmare. The seafood will not remain bland, the roast does not burn, the guests are not left hungry and hit the decor would be ideal. So that everything runs smoothly, sign that gives us advice Karim Chauvin, manager and owner of Café Oliver .

In the ‘soho’ Madrid, one of the coolest areas of Madrid,
it is Café Oliver (Almirante Street, 12). ‘Oliver’, as he called Adolfo Marsillach when it opened nearly fifty years ago, has sated hunger illustrious writers, singers and artists . In 2002 the local revamped its appearance and the architects of change have been their owners,  Frédéric Fétiveau and Karim Chauvin . And precisely with Chauvin We met at the restaurant to advise us how to be a host of 10 Christmas dinners. 

1. Take it easy , and if you need it , ask for help.  These days it’s not worth getting stressed, it is a time of enjoyment to spend with family and friends. Karim recommends that “one does not cover everything, is much more fun to prepare with others.” So they do not accumulate tasks  “would be nice to create a roadmap”  in which apuntásemos all, how we organize, in what order activities will take place, what the most urgent tasks should be ready are … 

2. Kitchen half of what you had thought. Karim learned from a friend that  “when you go to invite someone home, divide the amount of food you plan to cook had between two and will continue superfluous. That is the exact formula. ” 

At this time we have many meetings with friends, business dinners and family, time when many excesses are committed , so “do not need to prepare eight or nine dishes , reminds us . And proposing some ideas to make our menu: “In my house, we will take a little bouillon that serve in shot glasses. The first course will consist of two slices of foie gras on bread with salad spice to whet your appetite; the main course, a shrimp tails saffron with some rice; two types of cheese and dessert “

3. Accompany meals with champagne or cava. 
It’s okay to make white wine with fish and red with meat but “bubbles combine well with any dish. At any wine shop they can advise us; for the entree or appetizer, very refreshing champagne or cava; for a fish, a Vintage (champagne or cava with vintages), for white meats and some red one Chardonay, which has more body , “suggests Karim Chauvin, owner of Café Oliver. 

4. The decor, the simpler, the better. If you ‘re not lucky enough to have inherited a wonderful china and silver cutlery, takes the opportunity to create your own. “In my case, the amount a table with dishes that have been collecting all my travels. Whenever I go somewhere, I like to bring me some food. ” And so it is not very commercialized , Chauvin commitment tablecloths black or white thread, with which “get the dishes stand out “. 

Sometimes we do not insist on cramming the table with flowers, various types of candles and, if little food. And you realize that you have no space for dishes. “We have a very nice table but that is neither useful nor can enjoy it because we see that we face. With plenty of small candles. ” 

5. Become an auxiliary table. When there is no room at the main table for drinks and supplies, look for a small table where you can park all you do not need. 

6. How you have to place the silverware? Those who are furthest from the plate will be the starter or starter and so on to dessert, usually placed on top. However, not overfilling the table, from Café Olivier recommend us not put dessert or cheese, ” it is better to remove other covered and mount the table that we will use.” 

7. How many glasses we wear? It does not take all the cups early on the table. Go as needed, take them out. Color cups are very fashionable, takes this tendency to give a fun twist.  

8. Do not use plastic utensils or drinking glasses or wood; no paper towels.

9. Older house should preside over the table. 

10. Children also need their space.
“If it is a large table, they must sit at one end. We must try not bring them many dishes and cutlery and adults. Sometimes what they like is to have your separate table and they set up their own party , “Karim ends.

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