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10 tips to make a long car trip less hard

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Posture, vision, foods you eat, hydration and attention behind the wheel are things you should keep in mind to safely deal with a long journey sitting in a vehicle, according to Dr. Santiago Antoñanzas member of Saluspot and medical in the Clinic San Juan , which summarizes in these key best practices for your holiday trip is not a punishment. 

1. Make sure there empty seats. On a trip many kilometers ahead it is not appropriate for all seats occupied vehicle go, not only for passenger comfort but for improving indoor ventilation, burden – sharing and relaxation of the occupants.

2. If drive rests every two hours. It is proved that from that time signs of physical fatigue, with consequent damage to the attention to driving. Also, if it is elderly, producing alterations venous leg should be avoided.

3. Ensures optical correction . It is important to maintain good vision and prevent eye disorders such as blepharitis conjunctivitis or that can obscure the view. If you have any defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, it is necessary to have proper optical correction. And if there is onset of cataracts or very pronounced myopia, night hours should be avoided.

4 . Stretch your legs as you can. Being much time sitting with your legs bent, the return circulation is hindered, ie, which rises from the feet to the heart. In elderly or who have significant varices age, this process may promote the development of thrombophlebitis.

5. The correct position of the driver is sitting with his back against the backrest and at an angle of 90 ° to the legs. It is advisable that the backrest is very lying and seat belts must always be well anchored. Other passengers should have a similar position with the safety belts tight.

6. Tips dizziness. First, you have to escape large meals before starting a long trip. In addition, it is recommended to maintain good indoor ventilation, preventing overheating of the interior of the car. The gaze direction should not be changed abruptly and uncomfortable readings be avoided. Finally, a smooth ride vehicle helps against dizziness.

7. Attention temperature. If the vehicle has air conditioning or air conditioning, keep a comfortable temperature avoiding direct cold air currents, as well as cover the rear windows in the area where full sun. It is advisable not to drive in the middle of the day, which are the hottest, and cooled drink fluids frequently.

8. Is it good to lay your head on a pillow or cushion?  The driver should not use any rest or pad system because it could relax and slow reflexes and attention behind the wheel. Other passengers if they can use cushions for your comfort or suffer cervical abnormalities.

9.  Meals should be light and taken every four hours : by making digestion, increased blood supply to the digestive tract occurs at the expense of other areas of the body like the brain, causing sleepiness and risk of accidents. Drinks, always without alcohol, lightly sweetened and fresh (not frozen) and that are better absorbed. Liquid should be taken more often than solids.

10. Eye with drugs. It is very important to follow the signs and indications of traffic and maintain regularity in the march without exceeding speed limits. Therefore it is essential to avoid medications that can affect driving.

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