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10 tips to prepare your skin for summer

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With summer just around the corner, the desire to increase our body bronzing. But beware, they have been too many months without sun exposure and poor preparation can cause damage to our skin. So you do not fall into any mistakes and have clear which products can help you do this, take note of these ten tips to cope in the best way the first rays of sunshine: 

1. Watch your diet : there are no magic foods, but all experts agree that eating five servings of fruits and vegetables is essential throughout the year. In recent months, it is advisable to increase the consumption of those rich in lycopene, beta carotene and vitamin C such as tomatoes, watermelon, carrots, pumpkin, orange and lemon, for example. Click here to read the complete list of recommended foods for sun exposure

2. exfoliates skin : removes impurities and dead cells that are deposited on the surface with a good scrub. So you renew the epidermis and promote tanning. Rodial has very effective wipes under the name Glamoxy 15% Fruit acid. 

3. First of all, hydration : although it is always necessary, after the peel your skin will be more receptive and is a good time to hydrate in depth both on the outside and inside. The new “sherbet” The Body Shop is a fresh injection of hydration without leaving sticky feeling. Try to leave them in the fridge, you will be amazed. 

4. Use preparers products : applied 15 days before prolonged exposure, products such as UV Spray incellium bronzant Institut Esthederm can help increase the resistance of the skin against the sun to get more prepared and


It also reduces the risk of skin reactions and increases the


Just remember that this simply reinforce the natural protection of the skin and contains no filter or screen so it should be associated with its

corresponding solar product in case of intense sun exposure.

5. Ayúdate of Nutricosmetics : through nutrition we can also strengthen the skin ‘s defenses. Photoprotective capsules as Arkosol complement function as sunscreens due to its high content betacaro that, once absorbed, is deposited on the skin ensuring optimal photoprotection and promoting tanning. Therefore, an effective photoresist requires taking a sufficient and continuous of assets to ensure their proper blood and skin levels. It is recommended to start taking about 15 days before sun exposure because it is from that day that is most effective.

6. “colors” your skin before : we know, put in a bikini when you are completely white no positive influence on our self – esteem. Self – tanners are the most practical solution but can become a double – edged sword. The Self as beauty of Lancaster line allows, thanks to technology adaptable tan reproduce all shades of a natural tan, because for the first time, the self – tanning molecule DHA of plant origin combined with melanin to mimic the natural tan skin, helping to reduce unwanted effects such as odor and orange effect.

7. Use the right makeup : brightens your face and a touch of color before exposure. Some bronzing powders are the most successful as Golden Radiance Eve Lom. Apply them on top of the forehead, the bottom of the nose and cheekbones naturally. They are so light that will not be appreciated or you wear makeup. 

8. Protect yourself in the city : do not go to enjoy a few days at the beach or you are reluctant to pools does not mean that you will not be in the sun. In our day to day our skin also suffers aggression by ultraviolet rays, and it is imperative adequate protection. Essentiel Veil of Sensilis is a broad – spectrum invisible fluid that combats the damaging effects of urban solar radiation and the skin returns to its full potential beauty. It allows the subsequent application of makeup and any other treatment. 

9. Perfect legs : you have no excuses to carry out a good hair removal without leaving home. Take advantage of new Veet kits with electric roll-on EasyWax. Monoi oil and oil Granada, bring a plus of sensuousness in your routine


10. Choose the best cream : do not let the last minute search saver that works best for your skin type. If you suffer from sun allergies or extremely sensitive skin, the range of La Roche Posay is special for such cases. 

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