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10 tips to prolong your tan

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September arrives and we put ourselves in fall mode, although in reality there are still days of summer with sunshine and pleasant temperatures. And what about that tan our skin that both favors us? Do we have to give it up as soon as the holidays end? Of course not! With these simple precautions your tan will last longer on your skin.

Although we know that the sun is increasingly harmful, whenever it is taken in moderation and with proper protection, the sun is good for our body. Among its recognized benefits: it helps maintain vitamin D levels, strengthens bones, improves mood, appearance of the skin … The tanned favors, makes us look more handsome and even associated with better skin condition (who they have not said, after a few days of beach: what a good color you!). Anyway, if your holiday are gone you have to say goodbye to your tan. With these simple precautions will get to keep it longer.

1- Keep using sunscreen , especially on the face. Remember that the sun is harmful in any situation, even walking around the street, go to the park with your kids, you’re sitting on a terrace with friends …

Exfoliate your skin once a week. Exfoliation, contrary to what you might think, helps improve the condition of your skin and prolong the tan. By removing dead cells, your skin will regain radiance and your tan will look better. Exfoliates both the skin of the face and body with the right products.

3- Follow using the
aftersun . Although no longer take the sun if your skin is toasted, apply after showering one aftersun, instead of a body lotion. The reason is that these products contain assets that prolong the tan and also your skin will get the moisture it needs.

4- balms Test or aftersun with
prolonging effect tanning . In composition incorporating peptides and antioxidants lengthening tan skin.

Moisturize your skin daily . Hydration is essential to keep your skin healthy and show a good look. In addition it will prevent desquamation. Moisturizes at least once a day or whenever you notice your skin tight … and do not forget any area! Use lotions, moisturizers or body oils, in addition to moisturize, give your skin a beautiful glow.

Join your 6- routine ‘beauty’ un
fake tan . As your skin and is morenita, this product will further enhance your tone.

7- The
sun powders , your ally cosmetic. With that good skin color bring the holidays, you do not need to use makeup bases but if you give a touch of powder sun, your tone will look radiant.

8- Join your diet
foods that enhance the dark and are also healthy as tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, vegetables , dark green leafy like spinach …

Drink water . So simple, drink water regularly throughout the day so that your body is hydrated. Your skin really improve your appearance, because the moisture comes from within.

10- The
Nutricosmetics you may also help prolong the tan.

In the upper gallery you can see a selection of products that will help prolong your tan.

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