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10 tips to recover before your body after a day of exercise

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1. Train less than an hour. Something that is a truism, but it is worth remembering. The more you train, the more tired you will feel and be more difficult than you recover. Choose a workout that allows you to concentrate all in less than an hour. So will most likely not the dreaded shoelaces appear and you have less fatigue. 

2. Drink more water (before, during and after). Do you drink 2 liters of water a day? Bad start. And during training? The first thing you lose is water during exercise as sweat, as well as mineral salts. Several studies claim that you can drink more than 2 liters of water a day if we exercise. Something we can check if we train regularly. Drink during the day during training (isotonic drinks attempts to limit or lower them with water) and, above all, later. And remember, better than anything else water; although if you want you can add some lemon juice.

3. Train with less intensity. It is shown that the greater the intensity, the body secretes more lactic acid (responsible for muscle fatigue) and is more difficult to remove. If you do not have much experience training, it is best to start with gentle sessions and gradually go up the intensity. It is the only way to ‘get used’ to our body to lactate and muscle fatigue that comes later. 

4. Divide your muscle groups. Train leaving at least 24 hours of rest between muscle groups. If your primary goal is, for example, tone your buttocks; we have bad news. Work them every day can cause loss of muscle (muscle catabolism) and that you still see flabby. It is best left to rest 

5. Rest your body. At least 8 hours of sleep and 12 hours between day and day of training. Maximum you should not forget if you want your body to be better recovered for the next workout. Remember, muscles grow during the rest phase.

6. Eat breakfast and divide your meals into 5 a day. If you do not have enough energy daily for training our glycogen stores (the first ‘fuel’ of the muscle is nourished) will be emptier. And believe us, these reserves are already small enough to allow us to bring ‘half’. Always eat breakfast you go to exercise and divide the meals into 5 a day. You will stimulate your basal metabolism (burn more calories throughout the day) and have your butt glycogen stores for your daily workout. 

Besides, half an hour after training, you’ll need to supply your body with complex carbohydrates and proteins (your muscles are composed basically of them): tuna, egg, turkey, chicken …

7. Smoothies, a great help. After training, our body has lost water, minerals and glycogen stores. And, interestingly, after the exercise our bodies better assimilate certain foods during a ‘window’ of 20 minutes. It is the perfect place to concentrate what we have lost in a homemade milkshake … What time should it contain? Water, milk, yogurt or the like, a piece of fruit, egg and if we want, some whole grains and nuts. 

8. Fruit, the great forgotten. If you do not want to immerse ourselves in the ‘scene’ shakes, a piece of fruit immediately after training is the best option to recover glucose deposits have emptied after training. The banana will be your greatest ally, but if you want you can try other fruits like apples, pears, melon, watermelon, orange, pineapple … 

9. Dry pairs.  The graph illustrating the intensity of our training should be like a mountain: we started slowly (heating), go up the intensity, we remain on top of the plateau about 20/30 minutes and going down the intensity until our body can resume daily activity. Even if you think you’re not doing ‘nothing’, lessen the intensity will be able to recover sooner than if you did ‘dry’. If you are someone who trains the most and then to review your training and try to add low intensity exercise at the end (run smoothly on the site, for example). And indeed, there is no evidence that stretching is a good idea.

10. Nothing sweet foods or foods high in fat. The temptation after exercise is very large: our body craves sugar … but it is not going to give. At least not in the form of refined sugars, which are more counterproductive than anything else. If you want to recover better, choose natural foods like fruit and vegetables. And to eat something after training, whole wheat pasta, legumes, brown rice, lean meat and protein will help you better your glycogen level.

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