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10 tips to rub shoulders with Queen Elizabeth of England

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How to greet Queen Elizabeth II ? How to behave before her? What if you get invited to one of the celebrations of her diamond jubilee? It ‘s not easy, but we help you answer these and other questions.

Here are the
10 basic tips on how to rub shoulders with one of the most important women of the planet and not make fools of themselves in the attempt:

  1. Authority only fellow. If you’re not British, not ever curtsy to the Queen Elizabeth, since it is only higher authority in Britain and can be considered as a lack of respect
  2. Be careful, do not touch! It is strictly forbidden physical contact with them. The only way in which a human being can have contact with any member of British royalty, is that you store your hand. Even then the movement must be quick.
  3. Nothing frivolous items. It is not well seen talking to members of the royal family of banality or touch intimate subjects beyond cordial “How are you”. Nor is it advisable to abuse jokes.
  4. Ladies … If you are married, do not expect your name appears on the

    invitation of anything what is you call from Buckingham Palace.

    The full
    name of your spouse preceded by the adjective is used

    to ‘Lady’.
  5. Dress. Hat and white uniform for her gloves and

    military for him.
    You must also take care that the gloves are spotless

    until the end of the event.
    So what dictates the protocol. Beware of the

    tea and pastries, which loads the devil!
  6. Nothing dark colors. The black is indicated only for

    funerals and funeral celebrations.
    If you receive an invitation in

    which you require the use of ‘black label’, it means that you must

    dress cocktail.
  7. Limited time to eat. Econtrar must be perfect to eat at a speed that allows us not to stay hungry pace, but without looking like you have not eaten since the War of Cuba. Yes, once Queen Elizabeth has given his last bite, no one else can keep eating.
  8. How to eat peas? If you celebrate a dinner in the presence of Queen

    Elizabeth and the fate you have prepared some peas, do not try to

    the fork to catch them on the plate.
    You must crush them with part

    back of the spoon and eat them as if they were mashed.
  9. How tea? It is quite likely to be offered a cup of tea. Nothing to stretch the little finger of that ridiculous way. Yes, utiliznado must serve only the index finger and thumb and after every sip, you must leave it in its saucer.
  10. Proper farewell. If you send a letter or, at times, an email, you must sign up with the following: “I have the honor to be, Madam, the most humble and obedient servant of His Highness.”

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