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10 tips to take care of your skin in winter and 5 products of Beauty with SPF to face the cold (and the sun)

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Cold, wind, sudden contrasts in temperature and decreasing fluid retention during the winter months cause dehydration and unusual vasoconstriction in our body. The union of all these adverse elements, brings devastating consequences for our skin, ranging from a slower desquamation more pronounced by increasing the accumulated dead cells exfoliation, as well as premature aging of the main natural barrier of our body . 

Tautness  and elasticity loss,  irritationcracking  and  dryness  are the outward expressions of a  constant disruption of our skin balance  that can have severe  consequences in  the medium and long term.

But if this were not enough, the  effects  of harmful external agents to our skin can  multiply  if exposure occurs in  high mountain areas , as there is less atmosphere to absorb  radiation  UVA and UVB and these  increased by 4% every 300 meters  above sea level. If, in addition, there  is snow , the  reflection effect  can reach  multiply another 80%,  which would add to 100% of rays that, in itself, have a direct impact on our skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to exercise caution using regularly and continuously different  products containing UVA and UVB  with  a factor proportional to the rate of solar radiation Protection that will be exposed , lipsticks and makeup included, as the FPS It indicates the maximum time a person can stay in the sun without burning. 

10 Tips to stand up to winter

1. Apply  sunscreen with UVA and UVB filters  before each sun exposure and reapply at least every 2 hours to avoid losing effectiveness.

2. Pamper the  lips  with a good protective sunscreen 

3. Use an  extra moisture  to counteract the deterioration of the  barrier effect of the skin .

4. Protect your skin even a  cloudy day , then clouds let through most of the ultraviolet radiation 

5. If used  up  in the mountains, containing sunscreen 

6. Enhanced  hydration  face at night with ultra-nutritious and super-moisturizing products.

7. Pay greater attention to  nose and cheekbones , the most prominent areas of the face and before burning 

8. Do not neglect the  eyes : it is recommended to use goggles to protect 100% of UVA, UVB and visible blue 

9. Caring  hands  with products specifically designer to combat the effects of cold and moisture 

10.  Hydrate well the body  to counteract the lack of oxygenation suffering through the use of outerwear and exposure to artificial environments.

All beauty products to take care of yourself (even more) during the winter can find in El Corte Ingles .

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