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10 tricks to show off a perfect eyeliner

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The eyeliner goes out of style, it gives depth to the look, and is one of the most seductive details when we make up. But do you know what the design eyeliner suits you best? With these tips I offer will be easier to use and you will get the most out of your eyes. It takes practice and how to do according to the shape of your eyes and the effect you want cause.

1- The first thing to do is choose the type of eyeliner that suits you more, your way of making up and you prove simpler to implement .

2- You can find it in boli, liquid or cream . The easiest are those of boli format because you just have to have a little pulse and paint over your eyelid. Cream give very good results but you have to be able to use an eyeliner brush. And if you want a cat and very ripped look, liquid eyeliner are the best but the most difficult to use.

3- There are many forms of eye makeup with eyeliner, for example, painting half the eye at the end serves to lift the eye and if you lengthen the corner, you get tear . Depending on the shape of your eye you must make the liner in one way or another.

4- Eyes torn . It is best to take advantage of your way. Eyeliner with a fine and subtle way lengthens the corner as much as possible without raising it too much. In the water line (inside the eye) apply some kohl to further define the shape of your eyes torn.

5- Eyes macaroons . You need to round up more your look for a more chic and fun air. What you must do is a thick line with the eyeliner, the same thickness around the eye, which difuminarás the part of the lacrimal and a short corner.

6- fallen eyes . The eyeliner is your best ally. Draw a line near the root of the eyelashes, from the point where the eye begins to fall. Line rises subtly as you go and fill the space left in the middle. It will be a final corner thick, very type 60s.

7- If you have the small eyes , the eyeliner can be your worst enemy. If we apply the eyeliner only on the side of the tabs will not get lengthen our eyes but make our eyes look tiny. Only a slight tear will create effect if you apply kohl on the water line . Although if you want to use eyeliner, we recommend that you do always accompanied by shadows, it is the best way to highlight your eyes.

8- For your eyes look rounder must apply eyeliner creating the ‘Cleopatra effect’ , ie, the end of the end eye the line with a corner upwards and outwardly inclined.

9- Eyes very close together . To hide them , you have to stretch the outline eyeliner to the temple. 

10- eyes with dark circles . If you have dark circles and you find it difficult to hide is not recommended that profiles the lower eyelid , as will you bring more darkness to that area and instead hide dark circles will highlight the more.



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