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10 tricks to show perfect eyelashes

In Hair Care Tips

look is the first thing you see in a person, it will depend on your first impression,  so

why not make it spectacular?

If this winter protagonists look have been few

eyebrows XXL, now
lashes take over. They take curved, thick and, above all, extra long. How to do it? From a good mascara to an eyelash curler to bend them to the maximum, through false eyelashes for a special look. Anything is allowed to have an infinite look. 

Eyelash care is essential to have a clean, sexy and direct gaze.  They are your best ally for your eyes look with splendor. Fortunately we have

the mascara that today, they
get almost magical effects, coupled with
curling irons, dyes and false for flanges dream.

Tips for perfect lashes:

1. Avoid curl lashes if you already have put the mask, because with this damaged


2. If you use eyelash curler, be careful not to squeeze the eyelids when rizarlas because

you can weaken them

3. Curl the lashes in three parts very soft and careful not to break them ; In this way the

effect will look more natural.

4. Use natural oil one or two nights a week to keep your lashes hydrated. A good

alternative is
white petrolatum , which will give an effect of false eyelashes.

5. Another recent option is curling irons heat , which act like pincers for the

These experiences have given curlers
have not been 100% successful , but you can


6. Before the mask, you should apply a basis for multiple tabs effect that separates them ,

their volume, set the curl and do not leave lumps when applying color.

7. If you are also the makeup it daily and need enough time, there are dyes and

permanent eyelash
that remain between two and three months and work great.

Prices and technical consulting your trusted beauty center and you
will be thrilled with the result.

8. Eat more carrots, oranges and honey, to support the growth of a healthy and robust tabs.

9. As cosmetics allies, looking eyelash extension products that will apply before the mask.

And, of
course, you can always count on the expeditious path false.

10. Of course there is a wide variety of masks on the market that provide volume, stuffiness and

lengthen optical effect your lashes,
here are my favorites: Lash Queen Feather Helena Rubinstein, Dior New Look, Sumrous

Two Tone Eye Estee Lauder,

hipnose Lancome Doll Eyes,

They are Real Benefit

Volume Glamor Max Bourjois Definition

Stimulash of Astor

Scandaleyes of Rimmel London.

I hope you have a great week!
Until the next post! xxx

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