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Sun exposure is the causative factor of 80 percent of skin aging . It is not a new thing; in fact, it is so present that from the pharmacy is constantly warns the user of the importance of using sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid its consequences. Cell damage, the occurrence of melanoma or other skin cancer, increased levels of nitric oxide and oxidative stress are just some of them.

However, the sun, in suitable doses and with protection, it is also necessary and beneficial to the body . Moreover, it avoids this could increase to fifty percent mortality, according to a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine (JIM).

Recommend or not

What is the role of the pharmacist, then? You should advise the user or discourage it ? Ana Maria Molina Ruiz, dematóloga at the University Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz de Madrid, addressed this issue during his speech photoprotection: Not only in summer , as part of the first day on dermofarmacia , organized by the COF Madrid at the Ritz Hotel.

  • One study found that avoiding the sun increases the risk of death the same as smoking

Photoprotection and consequences of sun exposure on the skin was one of the hot topics during the meeting, which was treated from different professional views.

The intervention of the dermatologist put on the table a different approach for prevention campaigns both excessive sun effects, which are made from community pharmacy and whether it would be appropriate to educate the public about the harmful effects of sun exposure, insufficient.

One of the most interesting facts, which recalled Molina, is in the study collected JIM ,. In the analysis, conducted in 29,000 Swedish women, it was observed that the group of nonsmokers who avoided the sun had a life expectancy similar to the group of smokers who most exposed to the sun life, so they concluded that to avoid sun exposure it was a factor increasing the risk of mortality in the same way as smoking.

Moreover, during his speech, Mercedes Abarquero, head of the Department of Training and Scientific Officer of Vichy Spain, warned that the sunscreen and the need for exposure depends on the phototype individual skin and the rate of persistent pigment darkening (PPD) . “To choose either a cream, we must also look at the PPD is high (8 to 14) as it is indicating protection against UVA, which cause skin photoaging rays,” he recalled.

The expert explained that for a sunscreen is balanced , the relationship between the SPF and PPD index must be less than three, to calculate it, divide the SPF between the PPD, although this is not always indicated.

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