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11 beauty purposes

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‘Hello all and Happy New Year !! After a few days of vacation, we always put some purpose we hope to accomplish. On this occasion, I propose 11 key beauty to be radiant this year.

1.  Desmaquíllate and clean your face day and night. It is one of the leading beauty tips for your skin. It is very important to always desmaquillarse before going to sleep but it is almost as important as you desmaquilles you when you wake up. Indeed, many women do not take this step seriously and that means our skin gradually get dirty and make the care that we apply are not as effective. The desmaquillado each night is essential to remove makeup and dirt and make way for specific products for that time of day.

2.  Use masks and do yourself a facial. Whether homemade or you will seek beauty center, the facials are essential to keep skin 10. At home, with peels and appropriate to remove impurities and blackheads products, you can get a clean skin in minutes. Another important but not all facial routine daily pass are the masks. Once a week, save a few minutes (between 10 and 15) to apply yourself a specific mask for your skin. Illuminating if you have dull skin, nourishing if your skin is too dry, or wrinkle for the most damaged skin. 

3. Commitment to the serum. Serums are a great help for our skin stay perfect. You can find many types but the most common are those that bring you extra vitamin C, helps reduce blemishes (great for summer) and wrinkle. If you are not sure which product is you need, do not hesitate to ask your favorite beauty stand.

4. Use sunscreen.  You will never regret to use a sunscreen. Use it frees you from the worst sun damage, premature aging, sun spots and long – term skin diseases. It really is a pretty healthy for your skin habit, even though you have to use is not clear. Use it after your moisturizer and always carry it in my purse.

5. Go to the salon .If you are the type who fight with hair every day, visit your hairdresser and stand on your hands, with your hairdresser choose a treatment to help you, to soften, to restore the shine … look changes at least once a year, dare to make a change to your hair, cut, bangs paraded, some fuses color or even paint it a different tone. Have fun.

6.J uega with makeup.  Use new colors and see that there is life beyond the shadows in brown and black. For example, a brunette will look great in any tone shades, (bet on an electric blue) or redheads are beautiful with green or purple shades and warm hues. 

7. Recycle your old makeup  . Surely you save these creams case or that old brush that gives you worth throwing. Clean your brushes, your cosmetic bag and pulls what you no longer use. Cosmetics also have an expiration date. 

8. Clean brushes . You have no idea the amount of bacteria and germs that can be stored in your makeup brushes. You can do it with mild soap, baby shampoo and a little water.

9. Watch your hands and feet. Become a regular manicure yourself (every 4 or 5 days). Keep nails and toes in perfect condition is very easy, and indulge you going to do them occasionally, alone or with your friends is priceless.

10. Try makeup daily (five minutes). To do this you need only four products. A complexion perfecter bb cream or a cream blush that also colors the lips, a mascara and my two secret weapons against tired face: an eyelash curler and lip balm. Open eyes and juicy lips mean good face.

11. Hydrates the body , and if you do not have time do it in the shower, which gives me less lazy or use a moisturizing soap, I recommend using an exfoliating glove a few times a week, ending the shower with my favorite product, body moisturizer.



1. Flawless complexion:
Lancôme Visionnaire . Unbleached skin, as with others, perfect texture. It is used under makeup. 53 €.

2. BBcream of
L’Oreal Nude Magic. 12 € approx.

3. Cream Blusher: Blusher multipurpose
Benetit Benefit 22 € approx.

4. Naked Palette shadows
Urban Decay 35 € approx

5. eyelash curler: SMK Eyelash Curler, of
Shiseido. 26,80 €.

6. Mascara:
LashBlast Clump of CoverGirl 6 € approx,.   Diorshow mask Dior 23 € approx.

7. Scrub lips
Bubblegum Lush . Very little is used to gently rub the lips. 7,50 €.

8. Physiological Cleansing Gel cleaner of
La Roche Posay 18 € approx, Desmaquillante Créaline Bioderma 10 € approx.

9. currently
favorite: my new
Foreo to clean the skin deep! 119 € It’s worth really!

10. Facial Scrub Pads Resurfing
Zelens 40 € approx.

11. Night Repair Serum Night Advadced of
Estee Lauder 65 € approx,  YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum. 70 € approx

12. Facials VHidratantes: Blue Therapy from
Biotherm , Dream Tone Lancôme

13. Mask: Mask Rescue Reparateur of
Evelom , Revitalizing Mask Visible Difference Elisabeth Arden .

14. Moisturizing Body: l Line Excelence, age of Corps

15. For hair: Line Art of hair from
Shu Uemura or line of Moroccanoil.  

16. Living Rooms: The Beauty Boutique Rizos,
Art Lab

17. Manicure: Nail Secrets,
My Street New York .

As always you to be super happy! 

Until my next post! xxx

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