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11 ideal hairstyles to go to the beach

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Hello tod @ s! Most of us @ s is looking forward to going to the beach or the pool, sunbathe and relax . But it is in these places where we ignore aesthetics and with the sun and chlorine our hair can become our enemy . I’ll give you some ideas for styling and care for our hair and so be beautiful on the beach, at the pool and in the mountains.

All hair products with protection and masks in all its forms (gel or spray or cream) are our allies to protect and moisturize hair and help us to create different looks.

  • Wet effect. It is the fastest way: moistens the hair with water; extends protector or moisturizing mask; distributes well with hands and a comb. Combing hair back and let it dry. Your hair will be hydrating and will be perfect.
  • Wavy. If you want to get wavy hair naturally applies when you have wet hair sunscreen spray. Beam 4 braids hair you are going to pick up in a bun and let it dry. When you release the hair to go to the beach bar you have a wavy mane natural.
  • Tousled look.  If you have short hair, it is best to take a slight fixer protective gel for color, for example, applies throughout the hair and let it set for a wet and tousled look.
  • Short, medium or long hair. You can wiggling, hands, apply a mask means to ends and put a diadem also now there are many and very fashionable.
  • Defines the curl. Curly hair tends to be more wavy in humid areas but also tends to enfoscarse. To avoid this , use a product to define the curl silky textured serum that moisturizes and gives more shape to the curl. You can use a scarf knotted at the neck and leave your curly hair loose. The scarves can also be used to hide the hair and give a chic touch. 
  • Pigtails horse. Engomina hair with a light gel or use a protective mask color at a very high pick it up and tight pigtail.
  • A casual ponytail. You do it without you getting too coiffed and apply a protective spray also helps you to collect hands hair. You can leave a few loose hairs adorning the face. Let dry and have another look.
  • Headband braid. If you have straight hair (wavy also) make a line in the middle and on the sides in the area of the temples beams braids on either side and pick up at the crown with a clip or an elastic tendras one semirecogido, hippie and flattering .
  • Become a braid of fish or a simple braid. First, apply a protective gel or moisturizer and you pick your hair in a ponytail. If you want, for example side. When you have the braid or herringbone simple way, you can decorate with some ribbon color.
  • Pick up your hair in a bun dancer. Become a high, tight ponytail; hair curls around the subject gum and a pair of forks which can be colored and look. Remember you can always use to wear masks or protective gel as a fixative.
  • Headbands and scarves are very practical to go to the beach because they collect hair and prevent tangling too much with the wind. Hairpins and adorned coleteros we collected and hats and caps we protect the hair and give a chic touch. Remember that all these collected and hairstyles you can get into the water perfectly.

When you return from the beach seeks to
make a recovery treatment of hair as deep hydration or keratin.

Do not forget to use high – blockers for your skin for both the body and the face. For the latter I advise you to use a very high level of protection 50 , with years ‘ your skin will thank you !!

‘I will see in my next post !!

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