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12 + 1 makeup and hairdressing tricks to take years off us

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After a certain age, women always  want to look younger . Some take years to start or stop saying age, but this does not seem enough. Clothing, haircut, dye color, makeup, all that can make you look younger or conversely, even older. No matter how old you are , every woman can look younger and beautiful . Here are some tips for all those over 35 years.

1. flequillo rejuvenates, cortártelo, but not too drastic. Leave it on for below the eyebrows and paraded to have movement. 

2. The hair should not exceed shoulders. After a certain age you have to be spectacularly beautiful to wear long hair and it feels good. At maturity, they feel better stockings manes or short styles, provided they are not too masculine or marked.

3. Avoid dyes very dark, because hardened features. Bet tone wheat and honey and, when it comes to brown, which are clear, gold or copper, and bright. 

4. The wicks from 40 favor more when they are homogeneous, without too many contrasts and looking to give birth to the court. Why they are not more natural from the root, but providing color at the tips.

5. The collected very formal age because they are too sophisticated and correct. We must concentrate on semisueltos or collected simple motion without much volume, from, for example, a ponytail. In finishing products, look for naturalness and avoids too much fixation. Lacquer gives a very stiff, slow moving appearance. For a rejuvenating look, there are waxes and pastes that do not add much brightness and too much fat and help set and mold.

6. Use foundations light because if heavy may accentuate lines and wrinkles. For this reason, be very careful with matte makeup polvos.Los funds make older. When we turned years, the skin becomes drier and therefore, matte and opaque. Therefore it is necessary to use funds nutrient makeup to give us an aspect of fresh and luminous skin. 

7. strokes to do in eye makeup should be upward, to look up, and from a certain age.

8. Do not abuse the profilers or very defined lines, unless you have some spectacular eyes. Be careful to stumping (including eye liner), not to harden the look. 

9. Use eye shadows slightly iridescent. When they are very shiny or metallized lead, by optical effect, more wrinkles in the eyelid and therefore age added.

A good coat of mascara benefits forever.
With age must reduce eye makeup, but not this, because the mask revives the eye and enlarged.

10. Make up your eyebrows . Help maintain younger looking with age lose density and color (gray). Keep your eyebrows trimmed, but try not to take them very thin. 

11. Use lipstick rather clear, that will give your face a younger, fresher look. 

12. c natural odors and bright give greater volume to the lips, which over time tend to become thin.

13. Whiten your teeth. Yellow teeth did not go well and make anyone look older.


Anti-aging creams 

-Stem Cell – Antiaging Sensilis Global 

-Total Effects Olay – Anti-Aging Day Serum with Sun Protection 

-Revitalif of L’Oreal, with rejuvenating substances 

-Vax in Youth for Givenchy  

-Forever YouthLiberator YSL an anti-wrinkle miracle, I recommend one of my favorites. 


I wish you a wonderful week! Until my next post! xxx


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