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13 + 1 looks to be pretty at the beach or the pool

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I give you a few tricks to make more bearable this time.

1. After leaving the water untangles hair . There are many products to wet hair and also protect the hair. If you have straight hair, you can let air dry or recogértelo aside with forks so that, when dried, remain a waveform.

2. Wet effect. With wet hair or extend the protective moisturizing mask, dealt well with your hands and comb. Combing hair back and let it dry. Your hair will be hydrating and will be perfect.

3. Wave. If you want to get wavy hair naturally applies when you have wet hair sunscreen on ‘spray’. Make hair in four braids that you are going to pick up in a bun and let it dry. When you release the hair to go to the beach bar you have a wavy mane natural.

4. Look unkempt. If you have short hair, it is best to take a slight protective gel fixative for color, apply throughout the hair and let it set for a wet and tousled look.

5. Become braids . Besides being enormously flattering and comfortable for the rest of your day by the pool or beach, take them off you shall be perfect surfer waves very fashionable.

6. Moño dancer held by forks . As long as you have set, you will keep a hairstyle as ‘trendy’ and in the time you take it off, you will be spacious and open waves will be perfect to spend the day and even at night.

7. Mix bun and braids. Do yourself a semirrecogido shaped ballerina bun atop her head but leaves the hair loose part of the neck. Once the bun subject, become two braids (one on either side or both to the same) with the rest of the hair with a hairpin sujétalas below the bun.

8. Put a scarf on her head and let your curls or waves acquire your volume outside the bandana drying in the sun.

9. Become a tail strut horse , engomina your hair gel or foam pigtail high beam and let the hair fall freely behind. A ‘wet look’ very appropriate!

10. A casual ponytail is one that is not made with rigor , so you can let loose hairs. Not so tight rubber and have a casual ponytail anytime and at any time of day.

11. Use diadems , especially if you have bangs and you do not want it left the mark. This year there are many styles and colors! Choose the one that hit you in your bikini.

12. A hair catwalk show is always very comfortable on the beach . Your hair is dry before and takes a lot of movement. If you made mousse or pomade will get a good ‘wet look’.

13. Moño high. Succored like few others , this hairstyle is one of my favorites so practical that is fresh and flattering. When you leave the sea, grab a scrunchie hair and takes all the part above your head, there roll up and fasten with elastic.

14. Finally, and to return home or to take something, wash your face with water micellar, moisturizes the skin and uses a concealer or corrector to attenuate small defects. For that wish can use foundation BB or CC cream, perfect because they are very thin, but trying to apply evenly. It applied with a brush or your fingers a blush pink face will enlighten and enhance your cheekbones. A little mascara on the eyelashes, and if you fancy some moisturizing lip and You’re ready !.


1. Shampoo Detox ICON (15 € approx.)

Conditioner John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Straight Ahead Perfect (6 € approx.)

3. Moisturizing
Shampoo Hydration (chemically damaged hair) Moroccanoil (24 € approx.)

4 .
Conditioner Color Resist Fructis Garnier (€ 3 approx.)

BB cream Pantene hair (7 € approx.)

Water Peinado Stylius Deliplus (5 € approx.)

. Peinado water Graffic Garnier (9 € approx.)

styling gel Studio Line L’Oreal Invisi’FX (7 € approx.)

Fixer Styling  Moroccanoil Styling Gel 180ml (€ 18 approx.)

Gel to keep the curl  Aveda Be Curly ™ Styling Curl Enhancer (25 € approx.)

Oil sheen  Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof shine 100ml (€ 26 approx.)

Wax hair  Paul Mitchell style Elastic Flexible shaping paste 50g (18 € approx.)

Argan oil liquid gold Deliplus (8 € approx.)

Brightening Touch Éclat YSL (21 € approx.)

Cream Blush Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush Soft plum (11 € approx.)

BB cream with gold effect Soleil Bronzer BB Cream (22 € approx.)

BB Cream Nude Magic of L’Oreal (13 € approx.)

DC Olay Total effects (20 € approx.)

CC cream of Chanel (45 € approx.)

Mask Big Eyes Mascara Eyeko (12 € approx.)

As always you to be happy and enjoy! Until my next post! x

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