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13 tricks to paint your lips and look younger

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You are looking for the perfect lip makeup that fits you like a glove and we will also supply a rejuvenating look? According’re blonde, chestnut or brown, the colors that suit you vary. In addition, if you use a wrong color you can wear over years. Here I leave a guide of tricks that will help you when choosing your perfect lipstick .

1- The natural lip line can start to fade as we age, which makes the lipsticks are more prone to ‘bleeding’. That is, to exit the lip. Tip: shaping the lip with the same tone color as the lipstick you use, so the color will remain in place for longer.

2- colors incorrect lips : very bright bars lips, shades very dark, metallic or iridescent are too heavy and make more fine lines above the upper lip look. Instead, choose neutral shades of pink lifting the natural color of your lip and you can always stir with a touch of brightness.

3- It outlines the lip, even in natural tones, for longer lip and also to draw the mouth that, with age, as I said above, be blurred.

4- Use bars rather clear lips that give your face a younger, fresher look.

5- lipsticks natural and bright colors give higher volume lips, which over time tend to become thin.

6- Avoid dull tones and bet a touch of gloss shine that gives a sense of juiciness.

7- If you have the thin lips , the goal will make them look thicker and fleshy. You must delineate outside the natural line of both lips (moderately) with a pencil or natural color, flesh beige, or the same color of the bar of choice and fill with it, apply a pearlescent color or gloss in the center of the lip lower, as these tones give a volume effect. Never use a dark eyeliner, only you lead your lips look even thinner. Employs lipsticks clear and shiny colors .

8- If you have a small mouth , you need to create the illusion that seem larger. To this, slightly elongated upper lip (delineates a little beyond the corners) and widens the lower (delineates a little lower, especially in the middle). Then filled with your lipstick, applying it directly or with the brush. Adds gloss to give volume sensation.

9- If your problem is the sagging lips (cases where both corners go down), delineates the lower lip from the center to the ends with a natural color. Upon reaching the corner, do not follow the contour shape, you have to do is force the line up. Seeks to fill with a brush all inside from the line drawn . Remember that lipstick and lip should be in the same range of tones, not age your look.

10- For dark women , there are several options: If your skin is clear and your dark eyes, use red orange tones that contrast with your skin is balanced. If you are dark – skinned and dark eyes, it is best to opt for orange tones to illuminate the skin. If you are fair – skinned and light eyes, pink in all its shades and transparent gloss is the best choice. For very dark skin, caramel or hazelnut tones, also plum. And for p ieles color olive, brownish red more pulling burgundy.

11- For blondes , there are several options. I recommend the pink tones , especially for platinum blonde. For blondes with brown skin, they feel great dark red violet. And blondes with fair skin are splendid with lip makeup peach for the day, and brown for the night.

12- For women chestnuts , nude tones if you have light skin is a nice option, evens skin tone lip. The natural tones with gold glitter and orange reds and oranges encourage more if you’re brown but with darker skin.

13- For redheads , it is best to opt for lipsticks in natural tones or translucent shine. Seeks choose muted colors, with orange or coral shades . A perfect choice, be applied to your lip gloss in shades passion fruit, peach or orange smooth and delicate, with a glass touch.

Favorites :

– Lip balm Délice des Fruits L’Occitane.
It is enriched with sweet almond oil (approx € 16).

– Hydrating Essence Lip Balm with glossy finish.
It brings a light tone. (Approx € 2,49).

– Cover your lips like a lipstick pencil for example, Nars Velvet Matte.
(25 € approx).

– With more color than lip gloss, Phyto-Lip Shine Sisley (26 € approx).

– extreme volume and shine with Dior Addict Crystal Gloss (€ 27 approx).

– Illuminates your face in orange with Pure Color Gloss Estee Lauder (26 € approx).

– Perfect Shine Sheer Beige with kokum and mango butter to keep them hydrated Sisley (25 € approx).

– Cacao red by Korres lip balm, which comes in 6 shades, red leaves a subtle touch your lips (12 € approx).

– Impassioned by Mac is a favorite of Beyoncé and has a glossy finish that helps a
lot (18 € approx).

-Red Passion by L’Oreal, with shades of the most palatable (10 € approx).

YSL -Rouge Volupte Shine, stains your lips with extremely durable and fully hydrated (approx € 35).

– Rosa nude by Anna Sui.
The soft nude pink or pink is one of the star colors of the season.

– Satin Lip Cream Sephora, long –
lasting liquid lipstick, moisturizers and a touch of gloss (12 € approx).

What you may be very happy! Until my next post! XXX


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