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14 ‘tips’ to improve your diet and get fit in 2014

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1. Care digestions. Consume temperate, not too cold, not too hot and manufactures considering your menu foods that produce more acidity. Among them are tomato and citrus. At bedtime, remember to leave two hours after you ingested food and it is better to lie on the left side. 

2. Choose healthy foods and you have to feel good, even sexy. Strawberries, avocados, almonds, sweet potatoes, sesame seeds and watermelon help you feel attractive; while alcohol, red meat and chips can get to give a certain letdown. 

3. Your allies against colds, infections and muscle aches are also found in your pantry. Remember that fish helps alleviate muscle aches and joints: nuts and seeds are good if you suffer certain allergies; parsley relieves urinary tract infections and spinach, squash and carrots can help better cope with the cold.  

4. Combating gases, that great enemy of welfare. Come proteins in the magical hour (between 15 and 16 hours), removes excess sugar in your diet, chew the food, uses marine and natural salt and place in the bottom of the list practice abdominal (five minutes a day three times a week). 

5. Flee anxiety and fight it with natural remedies . Camomile, exercise training on a regular basis, the scent of lavender and quick bite at a time of high stress are some of the tricks that can help you stop an attack of this kind without resorting to medication.

6. Remove 500 calories a day to your diet. You can do this with simple tricks: consume your menu in a small dish, if you order pizza do it with vegetables, nuts flees, cuada what you put in your salad and your diet eliminates some high – calorie foods. 

7. The plate of healthy food has more vegetables, less red meat and more grains ingegrales , according to Harvard nutritionists, who also advise restricting the consumption of refined grains, potatoes, sugary drinks and salt. Consuming fruit of all possible colors, avoid packaged foods, limit intake of dairy and moderate or eliminate alcohol are other tips also they include in your healthy menu.   

8. Choose the gym that best suits your needs. You ‘ll have to assess the proximity, the environment, the type of services and the number of visitors, especially at peak times, are some of the things you should compare and evaluate.   

9. Find out what the ‘fat burning exercises ‘ and choose to have fun while doing sport. Jumping jacks, jump rope, burpees, jumping strides, inflections to the ‘Superman’ and ‘mountain climbers’ are some of the tips that you will like.  

10. Team up with technology. Meet the gadgets that help you keep track of your day. Tinke, FitBit One, Ostrick Pillow, Homedics Body Analyzer and Smart are some of the most professional, even if you do not find posibole adquirilas can also find free apps that you may find useful if your smartphone downloads.  

11. Avoid binge eating after exercise . You will have to know your limits in the gym and not train above your posibilidaes. It will also be useful to eat light before exercise, do more meals a day and eat less of them, maintain hydration of the body and increase the fiber content of your menus. 

12. Do not forget that you sleep well. Find out the enemies of rest and treat them if you need it as well. Consumption of sleeping pills, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and even some of the characteristics of female biology characteristics on the list of enemies of sleep.  

13. Emphasize the parts of your body that you care about. Buttocks figure prominently in the list of complexes of some people place. Exercises like the bridge, climbing stairs, lifting heels, high knees, squats or strides will help harden and model the area that you so complexed.  

14. The mind, the most powerful part of your body . Mentalízate not stop exercising regularly. Riding a plan, choose the sport you like, decide whether you want to train alone or in groups, to think of the gym like a torture, surround yourself with people who do usually sport and remember that exercise can also heal emotional wounds . 

They are small goals that will help you feel better and be healthier inside and out. Do not waste time and get to work. Do they work!

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