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14 tricks to get a perfect strobing

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The strobing is a makeup technique consisting accentuate the light points of the face and not the darkest areas as proclaimed in contouring. Makeup artists we have always used and applied with the help of a concealer and illuminator. This makes it possible to structure the entire face while you are provided with glitz and glamor .

Instead of dialing the shadows, what is done is to try to accentuate the places that capture more light , for example, the cupid ‘s bow on the lips, forehead in the upper area of the temples, the top of the cheekbones and chin.

These are the steps you have to follow:

1- While the contouring shadows and highlights marked on his face almost always dull and dense textures, with strobing seeks to create dimension and definition using only light and reflections .

2- The first thing you need is a liquid illuminator that is easier to work in one cream, and provides a result of the brightest. Even if you have it in cream, do not worry it also works.

3- The strobing is not only a makeup technique that addresses the brightness of the skin from the outside. To be perfect, it is necessary for the skin is thoroughly hydrated and worked from a daily regimen of self-care. It is therefore recommended to use products such as hot springs, moisturizers, serums, boosters, nutritional oils and gels that moisturize and give radiance and naturalness to the skin.

4- Apply a planer PREBASIC pores and then a base to even skin tone. Use a light and translucent, the type of BB Cream CC Cream or Tinted Moisturizer because it is not recommended to use matte foundations or pressed powder to qualify shine.

5- Another option that I recommend is to use a tinted moisturizer or a base of very light makeup , which can be mixed with a little cream to enhance the luminous natural effect, or even a moisturizer as a highlighter on the cheeks to reflects light.

6- Then apply corrector area under the eyes, the side of the nose and chin and start preparing the zones to be illuminated.

7- contour not be used to mark the depth. It is used only light .

8- uses an illuminator with some shine . The brightness should be applied over all the upper parts of the face where the light is reflected and out naturally. Therefore we recommend doing makeup always close to natural light.

9- The resulting brightness highlight should be natural, not too heavy or metal. Must appear translucent , reflective particles having capture and reflect light and appear preferably slightly moist because if it is thick, opaque and can not be considered loaded strobing.

10- You should not use illuminants with white or silver particles if your skin is brown or dark – skinned. For each type of skin tone that is natural and complements so that brown skin, should seek to use tones bronzes, coppers and golds .

11- Do not use beauty blenders or dense brush to perform the technique. You can not use your fingers to create makeup (which is ideal) uses a filbert brush making moves downward to blend the product, because in this way the pores are closed and a more natural and organic coverage is achieved.

12- is not the same skin ‘bronzed’ skin with a strobing. Skin bronzed can have smooth contours and blushes natural effect ‘Sun Kissed’, what comes is to emulate as the sun touches the skin to broncearla while the skin with the technique of strobing play with lights so that it looks radiant and luminous .

13- Finish the strobing a cream blush , to a bright and smooth appearance in a pink or apricot tone.

14- For a perfect finish apply two coats of mascara on your eyelashes , eyebrows and makeup defines your lips preferably with natural tones and textures shine.


– Moisturizer color.
A quick and simple option to boast of good skin instantly. BB Cream Garnier (approx € 9.95).

– Moisturizer with a touch of color to unify skin tone.
City Miracle Lancôme (35 € approx).

– Brightening Concealer Luminous Dolce & Gabbana (25 € approx).

– Illuminator format brush to give light to your skin Touche Eclat YSL (approx € 34.10).

– Light Illuminating pen Magique L’Oréal (15 € approx).

– Nars- Copacabana Illuminator Illuminator.
To use alone or mixed with makeup. (31 € approx).

– Illuminator Illuminator Luminizing powder Catrice Highlighter (5 € approx).

-Iluminador stick in 3 very natural tones Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highligther Kiko (approx € 4.20).

– Illuminating Base Giorgio Armani ‘Fluid Sheer’ Pearly Illuminator with perfect Color (40 € approx)

-Base Make –
Up Skin Glow Kiko, translucent base that adds shine to the skin (10 € approx).

– Brightening Concealer pencil Clarins Pinceau Perfecteur (28 € approx) format.

– Highlighter Liquid Illuminator Illuminator Accesorize tone pink champagne with reflection.
(8 € approx).

– Shimmer Powder Illuminated Naked Urban Decay Shimmering Powder For Face and Body (30 € approx).

– In
The Makeup Art Studio teach you this technique courses automaquillaje / hairdresser.

What you may be very happy and until my next post! XXX

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