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14 tricks to make your makeup last longer in summer

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With this heat our makeup may end up being a disaster, especially during the day when the heat is stronger … I’ll give you some tricks for makeup that keeps you cool all day .

1- First of all protects the skin with high factors . Apply a sunscreen after your usual moisturizer.

2- Changes the foundation . In summer bet by not incorporating oils in their formulas. Now there are many light textures that are ideal for this time, in mouse or creams, which are moisturizing and pleasant.

3- creams Tinted Moisturizers are a wonderful option not to use foundation and have enough coverage.

4 – Try to use a pre-base area before applying makeup with them get an extremely smooth and soft skin, hiding irregularities and making your makeup is fixed more strongly.

5- Extends foundation carefully around the face. Try to apply more product in the nose and chin, as they are areas where brightness usually appear. For the foundation is not acartone is convenient to use semigloss base and to refine, use loose powder or drying slips . With these excess fat from the skin without loading product it is removed.

6- Replace the base powders sun that allow us to look, if we are already tanned, natural color and in the opposite case we provide a slight shade of tan. 

7- If you choose powders sun reminds apply with a fat or wide brush and do it smoothly, especially in areas where more gives us the sun, or cheeks, neck and forehead. In the last post I explained  how to use bronzing powder  to look radiant. 

8- Do not try to look more tanned increasing the tone of the base makeup. This is very noticeable and the skin is too thick. It is better to get more powder blush or use sun bronzes.

9- If you use eyeliners eye opt for they are not too greasy . Heat will melt into your skin and defile your makeup.

10- In summer you can use products waterproof , especially if your skin is more fat because you get the makeup last longer. Above all, your mascara , lips and even in the eyes with waterproof cosmetics c onseguirás your makeup last longer . There are waterproof makeup bases although I do not recommend them because they let your skin breathe.

11- The eye shadows tend to last longer if, after applying, is deposited on them a small application of loose powder with puff or brush. If we repeat this several times, we get greater fixation. In addition, I recommend using semi-matte shadows as these are the most enduring. The more fat composition and dried quartered more easily with the passage of time.

12- For lips , it is best to use lipsticks long term . These lipsticks maintain the perfect color throughout the day without retouching. If you do not have them and only have a traditional bar lips, a lip color last us all night the first thing is to use a lip pencil as close to the color of the bar. Apply color pencil to the entire lip , then put a little lip moisturizer and ends with a thin layer of loose powder. Thus we obtain a base with fixed color. On this basis, with a brush or directly with the bar, the applied color.

13- You can also spray the face occasionally with a spray neutral tonic or treated water . Thus the face regain its freshness and will smooth and bright. If we see that there is too much liquid, we take it back with tissue but without dragging. So we are helping to set the foundation and other makeup products.

14- In the market we can find specific products to keep our makeup in good condition for a long time, are the fixers . They are similar to the lacquer products but are applied to the face and get all the tones and textures are controlled, lasting several hours longer than usual.


– corrector Prebase: Perfect Base Corrector Kiko Milano (12 € approx).

– Base makeup Astor: Perfect Stay 24H (16 € approx).

– Foundation Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Ultra Definition.
Lightweight long – term (43 € approx).

– Teint Idole Foundation SPF Ultra 24 H 15 Lancômem, light and sun protection (40 € approx).

– Blush Maybelline Expert Wear Blush (€ 19 approx).

– eyeshadows: Kiko Long Lasting Stick (7 € approx).

– eyeshadows: Pro Long Wear Eyeshadow MAC Cosmetics (24 € approx).

– Mascara Waterproof – Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Waterproof (5 € approx).

– Mask: Lancônme Hypnôse Waterproof Custom Volume (€ 27 approx).

– Lipsticks: Lips Printed Givenchy (24 € approx).

– Lipsticks: Rouge Pur Couture Vernis to Yves Saint Laurent Lèvres (30 € approx).

– Lip: Lip Color Last Sephora (approx € 12,50).

– Lipsticks: Cha Cha Tint Benefit (30 € approx).

– fixative spray makeup: Makeup Setting Spray Urban Decay, sets makeup for hours (approx € 18).

– Fixer makeup: Makeup Kiko Fixer to fix your makeup and last on your skin (8 € approx).

What you may be very happy and until my next post! XXX

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