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15 beauty tricks for pregnant women

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Most women when they are pregnant are even more interesting , or at least that’s what is said. Whether true or not, what is true is that it is a moment in the life of the very important, especially women and full of changes. If we are more interesting for that will surely be overflowing happiness.

During your pregnancy there will be days when you do not like you, you see how it changes your appearance and give you panic or I’m missing your figure … So I propose something that will help you feel good: a good haircut that you favors , with which you look beautiful and it is comfortable, and some makeup tips and beauty.

1. The mean manes are one of the stars courts this season. If you accompany with a stripe in the middle or next, you gain in comfort and you will be favored.

No need to cut your hair dramatically . If you just fancy a change, choose to cut your bangs.

The shorter, certainly more comfortable you will be , especially when the baby is born. Choose a simple pixie cut to comb your hair does not require a long time, it is also very flattering.

An unkempt look will help you keep up to date with very little effort . Cut the hair above the shoulders, some bangs and do her hair with a slightly wavy touch.

The bob cut is another trend this year, why not wear it during your pregnancy? It is a simple mane, shorter back, you can comb parted to the side or in the middle.

6. It
is important that each hold your tastes when it comes to makeup , just consider little tricks and use oil free products and alcohol to get the skin to breathe and oxygenate, and get shine brightest. You need to have your skin protected from the sun and thus avoid the dreaded stains, use foundations with SPF30.

concealer to cover imperfections Use and prebase before the base that blends shine and keeps light and perfect skin all the time.

8. The sun is a necessary source of vitamin D , but should not be taken directly, and less during pregnancy.

9. Always use a high sunscreen . I like to recommend an SPF 50 and reapply several times a day, especially risk areas, especially lips, chin and forehead.

10. The face is one of the most vulnerable areas : in addition to sunscreen not hesitate to use hats, scarves and / or sunglasses. Choose brimmed hats.

11. In general,
one BB cream is ideal for pregnant by its effect in one , trim, light treatment and coverage. Like the corrector well applied to cover pimples and / or redness that may appear hormone – like.

Work cheeks and lips . Get cheeks blush in peach. If your face is more rounded preferably applied in a powder Bronzing cheekbones for tuning features, applies the nostrils if this is widening. Use lipsticks with more mates but creamy texture and thus get a more hydrated lip and also unable to repair your skin with continued use, in the final stages of pregnancy, in which the lips swell a little used natural colors, tones nude and pink are perfect.

13. During pregnancy ,
some women may experience hot flashes and hot flash, resulting in redness or flushing in the face. For this reason, it
is important not charge much rouge cheeks to avoid too much reddening effect if this happens.

14. From the
fourth month of pregnancy is recommended often draining massage to activate the lymphatic system , improve circulation and thus end the annoying fluid retention that affects most pregnant and causes heaviness, tiredness and legs puffy. This massage is perfect for pregnant women because it improves blood circulation helping to combat fluid retention and bloating.

For events, dinners and parties before maquillaros I recommend using a vial of Germinal , which will help your face look more rested and also set for a few hours makeup.

Dedicated to all pregnant women and especially my sister Keka Lucas , I will give a sobri (if you teach a girl makeup).


1. Flash Blisters Germinal immediate action : € 15.50 approx.

Long Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15 Bobby Brown : 30 € approx.

Hydra Sparkling Nude Look BB Cream Givenchy : 45 € approx.

BB Skin Perfecting Cream Clarins : 29.90 € approx.

Éclat Miracle Brightening Serum Lancôme : 34 € approx.

Corrector two in one Fake Up Benefit : 25 € approx.

Bronzing Powder Revlon ColorStay : 16 € approx.

Bronzing Powder Chanel Contour or bronzing : 50 € approx.

Sun Block Clinique, in Stick : 20 € approx.

Sun Indulgence Lotion for Face SPF 30 Estee Lauder : 20,50 € approx.

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