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15 celebrities with good eyebrows and how to design them to favor

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The key is eyebrows. And the famous know. That’s why we pay special attention and placed in the hands of specialists to shape and color. Take note of how they get it. 

I guess you are clear that anyone can tweeze eyebrows , even yourself, but give them the best way can only do expert hands.

To discuss eyebrows nobody like Monica Frown , director of salon The Lab Room and creator of the eponymous cosmetics brand, who brought to Spain in 2000 the concept of “brow bar”. “After living for three years in New York, it was clear. If the capital of trends the design of the eyebrows is like a religion , when I created my room with Multiroom concept of beauty, I booked a space exclusively for specialists eyebrows. “

“The eyebrow design is very grateful that you notice it right away , ” adds Ceño. To get the perfect eyebrows , advises, “must take into account several parameters. It is important that you design a good professional, proven track record, and it is clear is that each face going an eyebrow and not get carried away by trends . “

Some commentators say it is best to preserve the original form . However, there are those who change their natural arc taking other forms, sometimes with excellent results. In any event, the stylist Raul Martin , head of space Isolee El Corte Ingles Castellana, “the decision to change the shape of the eyebrows must consult with an expert because he is worth assess possible changes. It is the way to guarantee the result. “

Just take a look at the models and actresses of the moment to check that, for several seasons, the natural, thick and very thick eyebrows are ravaging. If decades was actress Brooke Shields which was remarkable for its almost wild eyebrows, now is the model Cara Delevingne which imposes fashion with the bushy eyebrows look naturally. Women who do not have this kind of eyebrows, just left them to go to a specialized center to achieve his face eyebrows required. No longer is impossible. 

Types of eyebrows

Planas: They ‘re shaped line with a shallow arch, so the ends and corners are almost level. Cause the face look more oval and short.

Round: This type of eyebrow softens very strong features and prevents attention is fixed on the chin, helping to lighten the very strong bone structure,

Angled: Whether with a pronounced angle or with a soft, these eyebrows lengthen the face and shape of eyebrows afinan.Esta softens very strong features and takes care of the chin, helping a lot to women who have very strong bone structure . 

Shaped “S”: The most suitable to favor round or square faces. Only the hands of a professional can get them

In your face

Eyebrow adapt to the shape of the face is very important, because it can do much in your favor. 

Square face: you have to angular eyebrows to get the full effect of lengthening the face. It should be flat or round eyebrows, because shorten the appearance of the face. 

Round face: it is important to avoid straight brow and rounded. To give the impression of lengthening the face must be given an angular shape, with definite arch to lift the look and soften facial roundness. The more weevil is the arch of the eyebrow, the optical effect featuring the face will be more elongated.

Triangular face: While we must avoid flat eyebrows; to round them should, where possible, the focus of attention away from the jaw. 

Oval face: Without emphasis on the angle, is the way which suits him both round and angled eyebrows. Always remembering not pronounce its angle in excess. 

In the gallery you can see how are you 15 ‘celebrities’ have adapted their eyebrows, through a delineated and profiling, not only the shape of his face, but also the color of your skin, your eyes and your hair, so that the end result is the most flattering. Tab which is most similar to your image and you will succeed.


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