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15 keys to use eyelash extensions

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The ultimate in beauty: forget the mascara for at least two months! And not by false eyelashes, but with acrylic or natural extensions placed one by one , enhance the thickness and length of our eyelashes and making a special look and hundred percent natural, highlighting the attractiveness of our eyes. I also I have done and I am delighted!

The first to sign up have been ‘celebrities’ like Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan, Naomi Campbell, Lucy Liu, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria or Liz Hurley . In Spain, Penelope Cruz Elsa Pataky or they were the first, but today even the very Queen Letizia looks flawless thanks to its extensions.

It is a laborious and very effective technique , in which each false eyelash sticks in each of ours. And, far from what we imagine, with eyelash extensions we can make ourselves up , wash your face, bathing or even mourn without placing them be altered.

Yes and no:

The application of eyelash extensions is not painful , is a relaxing treatment and does not damage the natural lash.

The tabs placed are not all equal in size and are placed in different areas of the eye depending on the result to be: round eye or torn, or thickness, the thickness of the extensions varies aspect is sought: Natural or mascara effect, 4D, 5D, Hollywood effect … effect depending on the quantity and quality of your own lashes.

The eyelash extensions do not damage the natural lash.

are maintained during the cycle of natural eyelashes when the extension drops will be because it is the time of natural eyelash to fall.

5. They
can last up to three months long as we do maintenance every two or three weeks.

The eyelash extensions if they can get wet.

If you can up the eyes with shadows, eyeliners, eyeliner … but I advise you are not products ‘waterproof’.

They are even resistant to salt water, chlorinated water and sauna , so they are ideal for holidays.

There looks to suit every taste. The thickness varies depending extensions effect is sought: rimmel mode, natural eyelashes … This is a semi permanent treatment, ie, can last up to 12 weeks with regular maintenance.

According to the set you choose and how long you need to place the professional all tabs , which can be from half an hour to just over one hour, the price of extensions between 15 and 180 euros.

For maintenance is convenient to make small adjustments every 2 weeks because with the passage of time lash extensions are falling alone.

During the first 24 hours after application keep dry eyelashes.

Do not use oil – based products (makeup removers, creams …) that are water-based products.

Avoid extreme heat, steam and hot saunas.

The eyelash extensions are made from synthetic, natural or mink hair. They are placed  to not use mask. Mascaras only water – based, are special, and only the tips and never thicken daily.


1. Eye Makeup Remover High tolerance – Garnier Clean Sensitive (10 € approx.)

2. Micellar Solution of La Roche Posay (11 € approx.)

3. Biotherm Micellar Solution (€ 17 approx.)

4. Water-based mask: Phenomen’Eyes Givenchy (30 € approx.)

5. Mask special for extensions Max (10 € approx.)

6. eye Pencil Dessin du Regard Saint Laurent (20 € approx.)

7. Eyeliner Phito-Khol Perfect for Sisley (30 € approx.)

8. Deep Black Eyeliner Kajal KIKO (7 € approx.)
9. Eyeliner Automatic Precision Eyeliner and Khôl KIKO (7 € approx.)
10. Eyeliner L’Eyeliner Noir Yves Saint Laurent (30 € approx.)
11. Eyeliner Eyestudio Maybelline (15 € approx.)

May you be happy , Until my next post! xxx

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