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15 makeup and hairdressing tricks that rejuvenate you

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All, from a certain point, we want to look younger. We take years or prefer not to say our age. Hair color, cut, texture makeup, concealer … all can help make you seem younger! I’ll tell you how to take off years off easily.

1. camouflages imperfections

But not too much, do not hide dark circles too, because endow excitement to the look. For camouflage, choose a concealer identical to your skin tone and gives two quick passes under the eyes. That is all. Ends with slight pat on the dark red areas, such as the corners of the nose and the corners of her mouth. There are some specific eye creams BB; you can mix a classic concealer with your usual eye contour. Apply it gently with a flat brush.

2. Use illuminators

Illuminators, ‘highlighters’ and other concentrates iridescent nacre offer an effect ‘soft focus’ that attenuates the grooves, highlights the beautiful areas of the face and brings a great deal of coolness. With just add a touch of light in the eyes tear all becomes clear. If we apply the cheekbone or under the subciliary arc, we obtain an optical facelift. Avoid application in areas Hard creases.

3. Use BB

The initial mean BB ‘blemish balm’ (antiimperfecciones balm); It is easy to associate the baby skin effect. BB are the new version 3 in 1 traditional Colored day cream: moisturizing, protective (contains SPF filter) and thanks to its light illuminating pigments. It covers less than conventional bases, but allows a result natural bare skin.

4. Choose two make one

It is important to take vitamins, hyaluronic acid and SPF 30. In addition, remember that dark bases stiffen the face and make wrinkles. Apply a fund one or two clear points to a bright look.

5. Apply eyeliner

Mark the upper lash line in black or caviar. Not harden and if blending away towards the fixed eyelid and sagging hides. The bottom line is better not to draw it or make it very faded from age 40 and older because it belittles the look.

6. Darken eyebrows

If you are depopulated age. Fill them with a brush and an eye shadow matte the same color as your hair. Tong reserve only for the eyebrows. They must be with thicker tear.

7. Use bright base

Avoid roses bases, dull and dusty. Best bets on yellow and luminous finish, but shuns those with reflective particles that do not create points of light, giving a grayish hue and enhance wrinkles and open pores.

8. Blusher

Cheeks avoids artificial colors (orange, brown, eggplant, purple or lilac) and opts for natural (pinks, peaches, soft and fruity red) that provide a natural blush.

9. Broncea

Make the color of the skin with bronzers warmer. Apply on the forehead, nose and cheeks and give an extra ‘bronzer’ the cheek bone to carve more. They are easier to use powdered formulas with or without brightness (I prefer a touch of brightness). To continue using brown makeup to delineate the upper lashes, better than black, and a touch of apricot or peach lips tone.

10. Rejuvenate your eyes

doctors recommend aesthetic reposition volumes lost in the periocular area infiltrating hyaluronic acid, medium-high density sunken planes, crow’s feet, forehead and eyebrows. Lasts 8 to 12 months (300 €).

11. Retrieves volumes

With age, lack of fat and bone area of ​​dark circles up to the cheekbone sinks. Infiltrations of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite (similar to bone) erased that aspect of tired face.

12. Rejuvenate your lips

You can restore the thickness, shape and smoothness by a fluid infiltrations hyaluronic acid (Volbella) that produces less swelling and pricked with very fine needles .The results are very natural and last a year (from 400 €).

13. Clarifies hair color

Feels good to most effect and achieves a good face to break the pale color rostro.Dependiendo base, to do a global color or just give a tone-on-tone reflexes to light and create volumes.

14. Hosiery manes

The bob is a cut that brings freshness, versatility, volume and movement to the hair, since hair weighs less. It also supports bangs, long or short depending of the factions, which gives a youthful appearance to the face.  

15. Weathering 

Cuts degraded years away. Draw more informal and with a good combination of color, tan, bronze or blond manes, gives a more youthful look. And better smoother than curly. In short hair loops age.


– Cream Forever YSL YouthLiberator a wrinkle miracle. 

– Base Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup

– Base Serum Teint YSL YouthLiberator 

– Eye Cream Hydralife BB, Dior (42 €). Rest and smooth look. 

– CC Cream Total Effects, Olay (25 €). 

– CC Cream, Chanel (60 €). Moisturizes and clears imperfections. 

– Centers Cristina Alvarez, 91 309 April 73 

– Dr. Manuel Plaza, 91441 18 99

May you be very happy. Until my next post! XXX

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