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15 makeup tricks to make your lips the sexiest

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Become hard and red lipstick in nude tones, Berrys, marsalas, roses, making our lips are the protagonists makeup this fall. For all of these tones can enjoy them, I will tell you the best tricks of makeup for lips, this part so sexy face.

1- Care : We must guard our lips, exfoliate and rehydrate . A good homemade exfoliant is to mix sugar with olive oil in a bowl. Apply with a toothbrush on the lips in a circular motion, in addition to exfoliate consiguirás activate circulation and will achieve an immediate volume effect (sorry, not very durable). Then apply a balm or moisturizer , such as Biopel, you find in pharmacy and is cheap and very moisturizing. We use it all, makeup artists, models …

Increase volume : designing a new contour with a lipstick close to the shape of your mouth. You should always apply a lipstick pencil the same shade to leave no visible trace. It ends with a little gloss. Tip: apply illuminator between the upper lip and nose also it helps highlight the lips.

3- Reduce volume : corrector applies the lips to clear the natural contour. Then fill in lips with lipstick below the line your lips, if needed, before filling with lip outlines with a pencil the same shade as the lipstick, but remember to do line below your mouth.

4-  Thin lips : if you want to stand, applies gloss in the middle of the mouth. Brightness and light colors increase lip volume, tone bet on salmon, gold, beige and nude.

5- asymmetric lips : If your upper lip does not have the same length as the bottom (or vice versa) is best to apply neutral shades of lipstick. Iguala contouring lips and making them symmetrical with a lip pencil and fill with it before applying lipstick to let them uniforms.

6- Perfilador : do not lip profiles with different color pencils bar. If you want to correct something from your lips, such as Cupid ‘s bow or make them more symmetrical, choose a pencil the same shade as your lips the color difference is not noticeable. It chooses the tone testing in areas of the side lip not at the top (it is always darker by the sun). And the result is natural and perfect shaping up after applying the bar and then using the finger you see a toquecillos to smooth the contours and not the profiler noticed.

7-  Colors : when your eye makeup stand, it is best to choose neutral lip colors and vice versa. Women’s black eyes, shades of orange, red and brown are excellent choices. Women’s blue eyes, nude, pink and red lipstick are best. For women with brown eyes, the best choice is nude color and gloss in pink tones. Women’s green eyes, and red berry tones.

8-  Nude : if you decide lips nude makeup shades note if the tone of the bar is lighter or darker than your skin. If you are looking very white skin which has a pink hue; which you may have a more yellowish or darker tones shooting swarthy I recommend the nude in beiges or sand.

9- Reds : If you want to wear red lips must be perfectly painted, not fit if they are not. Tip: always start to apply the color in the middle of the lips and go brush with color extending to the sides. Help yourself after a pencil the same color of the bar to the contours terminating you well, do not forget to think it all over again with the brush so it is not visible profiler. (Nobody said it was easy red lipstick …).


Flee the vampire effect . If you want to paint the dark red lips be careful when choosing the tone. Flee tones pulling a blue or black, are too dark and can make you look older. Look for blackberry tones or red wine or cherry unless you’re very white.

11- Search lipsticks that are creamy . The new colors and carry a great deal of brightness in their formulas, do not choose those with glitter or glitter effect, they are not fashionable, nor favor. Although you can also choose the perfect for this season, matte colors their formulas do not dry as before and all companies have them . I personally love. Even if you get tired of that effect matte you can become shiny with just apply yourself a little gloss or lip balm on top.

12- makeup lips long term : to increase the duration of your lip color, apply lipstick and remove the excess with a piece of paper. Then apply a thin layer of facial powder on the lips and other lipstick.

13- Wrinkles : not highlight wrinkles from your face, especially around the lips, choose creamy lipstick in a little bar; these products color undrained or accumulate in the furrows around the mouth.

14- Brighten your smile to rejuvenate : Apply concealer on the outer contours of the lips. This area is usually darker and makes you look older (if you do it after you paint your lips look better.)

15- Topcoat : when you’ve already applied and distributed with the brush color, I advise you with your fingertip and with toquecillos you apply on the lips a little more color. You learn a finishing touch and give you a more natural point. If you fancy the color is dull and can not find the tone you like with this nuance, a trick is applied after being painted lips a little loose powder or compact that helping a tassel or a sponge.

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