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The pharmacist has a voice in the care of patients with dermatologic or concerned about the care and hygiene of your skin pathologies is evident, as long as “have clear referral criteria,” says Gema Herrerias, member of Dermopharmacy COF Seville and one of the speakers at the roundtable protocols pharmaceutical performance in dermatological diseases, to be held in Infarma this week in Barcelona.

  • “You have to lead when severe skin lesions and if there are underlying systemic diseases”

To assist the pharmacist in this work, Herrerias explains that the Investigation Board Dermopharmacy the COF of Seville has developed a protocol which states that before a dermatologic consultation at the pharmacy, “p irst to do an interview, a review of its history pharmacotherapy, see their nutritional status and lifestyle and ask what makes skin care “. It also proposes register certain skin parameters (such as hydration, sebum and pigmentation). “This is possible if you have devices like dermoanalizadores, very useful, but they are not all pharmacies , ” says the expert.

Undiagnosed CONDITION
“With the information obtained from the interview and the results of the study of skin we will see the referral criteria” concrete.

Thus, Herrerias explains that if a patient comes with senile xerosis, for example, need to find out if there is a dermatological condition behind undiagnosed, such as psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, scabies or urticaria. It may also be the case of a child with itching and skin dryness, which can suspect that you have atopic dermatitis and is undiagnosed.

  • “The role of the pharmacist is very important in the periods between outbreaks”

“Therefore, we must recommend the consultation with the doctor to put name to the disorder “. “We have to refer the doctor , he adds when the patient has a severe skin injury.” It can happen to a person with an infected skin ulcer as a result of scratching, “which will require an oral or topical drug treatment and therefore be necessary to derive”.

Another criterion for referral is when a person “does not show a positive trend after applying a treatment recommended by the pharmacist”.

An important aspect of the pharmaceutical performance is the derivation of patients with a skin disorder and suffering systemic disease, whether “hepatic, renal, neurological or metabolic” specifies. And it is that any of these conditions can have some manifestation in a skin.

If none is given of the above circumstances it comes into play is when the pharmaceutical “and we would do pharmaceutical indication ” says the voice of COF Seville. “To do this, we developed a tip sheet indicate where hygiene products, emollients (if a person with dry skin and itching), sunscreen and measures of healthy living habits and hygiene).

Smithies not forget the work of the pharmacist and the patient has a dermatological pathology that involves outbreaks. Well, between outbreaks, the council should focus on recommending cosmetic treatments hydration and hygiene.

Also, the pharmacist must intervene in the communication of any adverse reaction caused by a cosmetic (see below information).

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