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Knowing the distinas textures of cosmetics and correct indication for each skin will be the main blocks Workshop pharmaceutical formulation this Thursday, October 20, organized by the Healthy Skin Foundation , the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology in the Park Granada of Sciences on the occasion of the presentation of the Action Plan 2017 and the results of the campaigns launched by the entity. This conference is aimed at the population and aims to promote the health of the skin, According to TodoDermo Jorge Soto, director of the foundation: “In this workshop attendees will learn the different textures with cosmetics and their application depending on whether used for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.”

  • In the makeup is important that they are light stabilizers, safe, persistent and easy to remove

During the presentation, Soto will be accompanied by Rosa Ortega, president of the Territorial Section of Granada and Agustin Buendia, coordinator of the campaign Euromelanoma .

A second discussion will be dedicated to the use of corrective makeup when there are skin disorders as rosacea , vitiligo and other skin diseases that generate aesthetic problems. At this point, Soto warns that the most important aspects are “the right mix of assets, proper texture, which are light stabilizers, safe, persistent skin and easy to remove.”

There will also be a session on the artificial skin to explain how it develops through tissue engineering and the characteristics of the environment in which it is manufactured, and the Workshop Olavide Museum: the history of medicine on your skin, so that the population know the skin and its diseases through anatomical models sculptors were patient and show the relevance of these figures in the nineteenth century Dermatology “.

  • In the future they are thinking also target pharmacists and nurses

Other activities are aimed at children and will be taught by medical students from the University of Granada. So, explain to the children how the skin and the importance of hydration and photoprotection works, as noted Soto.

This expert says that “this program has as its first target teachers to explain to younger skin care and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases”. But in the future they are thinking also target pharmacists and nurses.

This event will award the qualification of space Dermosaludable the Science Park of Granada. This distinction, awarded for the first time, takes into account “the activities and the support provided by the entity to disseminate knowledge and promote skin health.”

Will also present the mobile application of teledermatology Dermassistance will be available from November. With this new device “professionals working in different countries will be connected with the Spanish dermatologists, who can help in the diagnosis from a distance” details.

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