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AIDS among its symptoms can have a wide variety of skin diseases ranging from less common, such as Kaposi’s sarcoma, other more common, such as psoriasis or the appearance of pimples. In the latter it is where the professional pharmacy can intervene indicating how to avoid the itching and discomfort and thus improving the patient’s life. On the occasion of World AIDS Day which is celebrated today, it is worth analyzing how the pharmacist can contribute their grain of sand .

  • AIDS may manifest as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, infectious mononucleosis or granites

Jesus Santos, co – chair of the Sixth National Congress of Gesida , held in Malaga from 25 to 28 November and physician Hospital Virgen de la Victoria , Malaga, explains that ” psoriasis occurs in 5 percent of patients with AIDS “. As recognized dermatologist Montserrat Pérez on the ideal bathroom for psoriatic people, “the condition, if not always hot, hot almost always”. Knowing therefore the right products for people suffering from both diseases is essential to relieve the itching and discomfort maximum skin (see related article).

“AIDS can also manifest as infectious mononucleosis, atopic dermatitis, bumps, lumps or viral infections such as herpes simplex, genital or zoster , ” said Santos. This latter type of herpes is a rash caused by the virus that causes chickenpox, varicella-zoster, which is generally treated with antivirals. The use of wet and cold compresses and, as in psoriasis, baths and lotions relieve pain. Oatmeal baths also reduce itching.

Regarding atopic dermatitis, apply moisturizer often trimmed nails properly, do not use products with alcohol , fragrances or other chemicals and avoid causing elements of the problem (certain foods, irritants such as wool or harsh soaps) are guidelines that attenuate the symptoms.

However, sometimes it is not AIDS that causes these diseases, but the treatments themselves HIV or other conditions resulting from their degenerating in the toxicoderma . Examples of these drugs are: “sulfa drugs, TB drugs or retrovirals themselves.”

In addition to toxicoderma, you may emerge with HIV rare conditions. Santos says: “The cryptococcosis occurs in cases of very immunosuppressed patients, as molluscum contagiosum in HIV develops severe”.

Oral candidiasis in the mouth can be developed, while the disease most characteristic skin such patients is Kaposi’s sarcoma. “It’s a very specific tumor that was once very common, but current treatments it is less and less,” says Santos.

In fact, the manifestation of skin sarcoma is, of all skin diseases that can sprout, the only able to suspect the existence of HIV, experts say. “Anyone you can get atopic dermatitis or grain , ” said the doctor at the Hospital Virgen de la Victoria, “which does not mean you have the disease.”

This does not mean that Kaposi’s sarcoma is an unmistakable sign of AIDS. “The symptoms alert to health, but it is always necessary to make appropriate tests to confirm” close co-chairman of Congress Gesida.

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