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Artificial Skin Treatment

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Scientists from the Carlos III University, the Center for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT), the General Hospital Universitario Gregorio Maranon in collaboration with the company BIODAN Group presented this week one capable 3D printer to produce human skin suitable for transplants and research in the pharmaceutical industry. ” It is a structurally and functionally similar to human skin to be used in the cosmetic industry for tolerance test, toxicity and product penetration” , explains Luis Jorcano TodoDermo, one of the project leaders.

  • The bioimpresión aimed at industrial testings will be the party hit the market before

This professor of Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering at the Carlos III University and head of the Mixed Unit of Biomedical Engineering Ciemat explains that one of the main functions of this 3D printer is the cosmetic application because ” much larger print runs produced – that other systems and is part of a single stock of cells. ” In this regard, Jorcano notes that “the field of industrial testing is extremely important for companies that move large amounts of money.”

Skin grafts

With respect to therapeutic use, the expert insists that “although it can be used temporarily or people with chronic ulcers, it is not appropriate to replace the well – established method of manual production by bioimpresión , among other reasons, because we must develop entire process starting with cells from each patient, what is called autologous skin, to prevent rejection. ” When the artificial skin is for these purposes- he adds is considered a drug and associated aesthetic effect is very important in reconstructive surgery.

What care is needed after such transplants? This specialist advised to pay attention to hydration and temperature control “because although the skin obtained is permanent and fully functional, can not generate hair, sebaceous and sweat glands or”.

This project is in an advanced stage and it is estimated that the bioimpresión aimed at industrial testings will be the party hit the market before, once they get approval from international agencies.


Last year the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed an artificial skin in gel form stop correct wrinkles and eye bags . What is the difference with the model generated 3D? Jorcano comments that “the product of MIT has no living cells but uses silicone and lasts for a limited time , ” however, “we generated a structure with vias cells containing the dermis and epidermis, which is able to produce its own collagen. “

Another work based on living tissue is the Hospital of Getafe , in Madrid, but for now, it is experimental animal. “From stem cells have developed a skin functioning aimed at healing the wounds of patients , ” explains Isabel Sanchez, head of Research Center Tissue Bank.


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