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Hormone therapy (HT) does not maintain a youthful skin or chronological aging prevents genetically determined, but could prevent the acceleration of the process. Still, while Montserrat Manubens, secretary of the Board of the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause (EMEA) recognizes that has this effect, it is blunt: ” It is not indicated to improve or prevent skin aging” . It should be used to treat menopause, which does not mean that these women can benefit from these positive effects.

  • In the epidermis decreased thickness shown, leading to atrophy which leads to decreased cell turnover

“It has demonstrated the existence of drugs (predominantly ß) receptors in almost all cell layers. Estrogens stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts , to reduce metalloproteinase activity and increase collagen matrix “states Manubens, who also mentions as another benefit, which maintains higher hydration capacity.

However, these positive effects depend on the initial content of collagen. That is, “when you start HT in a woman with skin collagen content low, it improves and then maintained. In women with normal collagen content alone it remains. “

This is important because “with menopause, decreases the number of fibroblasts, collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis, causing the skin laxity and wrinkles localized especially in exposed areas ( face, neck, arms). The decrease of collagen , which is 2 percent annually is faster the first five years postmenopause , where it loses 30 percent of the total collagen “.

  • It has been shown that estrogen receptors appear and progesterone in some cases of melanoma

“In the epidermis decreased thickness is observed, resulting in atrophy which produces reduced cell parts and giving the skin a frail, thin, dry and scaly.”

One is also observed decrease of hyaluronic acid (loss of elasticity), the number of melanocytes (favors the appearance of spots), the number of sweat glands and nerve endings (loss of sensitivity). Also, “increasing the sebaceous glands, but less sebum production and no abnormalities in the blood vessels of the dermis, giving the skin a pale” details Manubens.

But not all benefits. HT involves some inconvenience, between them, which could cause acne. “The hormonal treatment involves administering estrogen and progestin in women who have a uterus, or estrogen alone in women without a uterus. We should note that progestins, derivatives androgénico group could have a negative effect on acne in women with polycystic ovary history. In this case, we will choose a progestogen with no androgenic or anti – androgenic effect. “

In addition, they may leave spots on the skin. The expert specified: ” They can back out spots on those women leaving them when taking hormonal contraceptives. In these cases, the only effective treatment would leave the TH. “

As the expert insists on it is that HT does not cause or worsen any skin disease and that, in his experience, no one has had to stop therapy for serious skin problems.

On the possible relationship between TH and melanoma, it explains dermatologist has to be related “because it has been shown that estrogen receptors appear and progesterone in some cases of melanoma. However, there seems to be evidence that the use of hormone therapy increases the risk. “

Regarding the rest of skin care these women have to have, confirms that “are the same as women who are not with this treatment.” And remember that the most harmful to the skin is sun exposure, the snuff, environmental pollution and diet . “Are factors affecting the skin aging process accelerating the biological and inducing qualitative changes”.

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