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Dry skin Care Tips

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The worst time for children with atopic dermatitis is the night because scratching is unconscious and allows a relief and a real treat. The problem, as he wrote Justo Rodríguez – Peral, regional coordinator A-DERMA for Schools Atopic Dermatitis, is contributing to the formation of wounds and increased inflammation, exacerbating dermatitis. To combat suggests resort to so – called “wet pajamas” consisting extend cream on the skin, after dressing the baby with a used cotton pajamas, wet (but well drained) and above dressing with a dry cotton also.

  • In most atopic children it has been discovered deficiency a gene encoding the synthesis and formation of filaggrin

“Contrary to what it may seem, the child will not be cool and on the other hand, will find comfort and well being reduced itching,” says Rodriguez – Peral.

less curious but effective remedies are put cotton mittens or gloves in the hands of children, apply moisturizer before going to bed, keep handy pot cream and, in summer, thermal water bottles.

Massaging the areas that itch with soft dolls to always avoid scratching with fingernails or gently rub the area with smooth river pebbles prior to washing. There are other tips to help children with atopic dermatitis overcome itching.

“We must avoid scratching fingernails Peral – since they are a source of microbes that can infect wounds and are a very aggressive skin abrasions and wounds producing element , ” Rodriguez explains. Knowing this is important because one of the things that worries parents is how to control the itching.

Dry skin
“is difficult to understand parents who continually suffer how your child have outbreaks and how not stop scratching, there comes a time that heals and disappears.” The best way to make them understand atopic dermatitis, is to explain its operation .

Thus the expert that in most atopic children has been discovered deficiency a gene encoding the synthesis and formation of filaggrin, a protein that forms part of normal skin structure and elasticity and when degrades substances results become part of Natural Moisturizing Factor.

This deficiency is also seen in other more serious skin diseases that present with severe skin dryness. Thus, “filaggrin deficit would be responsible for the loss of elasticity of the skin and xerosis” he adds.

Serious infections
has also been observed deficiency in the synthesis of omega 6 fatty acids and ceramides that are part of the intercellular cement that holds keratinocytes. This facilitates water loss and the entry of allergens or microbes (causing severe infections or inflammatory responses which enhance eczema or dermatitis situation).

“The absence of omega 6 fatty acids in normal and sufficient amounts is also responsible for a greater attachment and multiplication of bacteria of the skin, Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus) ” continues the pharmacist. Although in itself is not harmful or pathogenic, but “in certain situations it may be responsible for serious secondary infections and inflammatory skin response”.

That is why one speaks of the benefit of baths and showers with substances or preparations antimicrobial or antiseptic adapted to cutaneous use (syndets with copper and zinc sulphate, sodium hypochlorite sulfate, etc.).

Finally, Rodriguez – Peral adds that in atopic patients there is an imbalance in the immune response of the body against substances alergenizantes. “On this immune imbalance there are numerous hypotheses and work talk about the appropriateness of acting on the intestinal flora through foods rich in lactobacilli (probiotics) to improve and moderate the immune response,” he concludes.

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