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Have been treated acne during adolescence does not detract adult can resurface the problem. Although it is the same disease, its characteristics vary depending on the age at which it springs. Leonor Prieto, scientific director of La Roche-Posay, explains one by one what are the main differences between adult acne and youth:

1. The trigger is not the same
polymorph, vulgar or adolescent acne has a multifactorial etiology and depends on androgens. The result is an enlarged sebaceous glands of the face and upper trunk, which leads to increased production of sebum and altered composition. Obstruction pilosebaceous canals with comedo formation and inflammation due to bacterial colonization of Propionibacterium acnes and other microorganisms is also generated, leading to the appearance of inflammatory lesions.

2. At older ages the main trigger are hormones circulating androgenic (in women occur in the adrenal glands and ovaries) and hypersensitivity of the sebaceous gland. Sebum secretion is also regulated by estrogen, insulin and glucocorticoids. Stress also plays a very important role trigger, because it causes inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

It has also shown a link between snuff and prevalence of acne, since among women smokers the incidence exceeds 50 percent. Pollution and ultraviolet radiation are equally large generators of free radicals and oxidant molecules, which has been affecting the increased production of sebum and obstruction of the pilosebaceous canal, so it is considered that can promote maintenance acne and aggravate your symptoms.

3. Adult acne is more prevalent in women, youth, men
regarding sex, adult has the incidence is higher in women because there is a greater hormonal influence. In acne vulgaris the incidence is higher in males, although typically appears earlier in girls than in boys and the latter tend to have more serious injuries, but with a shorter duration.

4. adult acne lesions may be deeper and painful
in adult injuries may be more profound, severe and painful, swollen and displayed directly, so the risk of scars and blemishes is greater. In young predominates both inflammatory lesions (papules or pustules, commonly called swollen grains) and noninflammatory (open or closed comedones, pimples or known as blackheads).

As for the number of injuries, age does not influence depends on the extent and severity of acne, so it varies from person to person.

5. The location of the problem is different: zone ‘T’ young, ‘U’ in greater
among young people lesions mainly affect the T zone of the face (forehead and nose) and trunk. The U zone (at the corners of the jaw, neck and lip area is where predominates in adults.

6. Some of the topical treatments in adolescents are worth in adults
There are topical treatments, such as retinoids, salicylic acid, adapalene, benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics, and systemic, including oral isotretinoin or antibiotics, and even physical therapies style peelings, lasers and pulsed light. The therapeutic arsenal for the treatment of acne is very extensive.

But sometimes, as adult skin is usually mixed, unlike teenager (oily skin), some of conventional topical therapies do not work the same. They can be irritating and promote the development of eczema. This is because the lesions have a marked inflammatory character.

7. If it is isotretinoin, doses usually less
What it is usually very effective oral isotretinoin. In adults, the doses used are much lower, which affects fewer side effects such as drying and irritation of the skin appear.

8. creams contain targeted assets to different functions
in adult acne is often used active creams which accelerate cell turnover; antioxidants, which prevent amplification of symptoms, and mattifying elements. If they are mixed skins also they work micellar solutions.

In the case of polymorphous acne creams usually they contain exfoliants assets, bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory and seborreguladores. For the latter function syndet go well.

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