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2 products to always have an angel face

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Having a soft, velvety and luminous complexion at any moment is at your fingertips If you have them!

Mustia and greyish skin, the swollen cheekbones , marked dark circles and fall and swollen eyelids. You can go and saying goodbye to these signs that you throw up so many years without making a cure sleep , subject yourself to a beauty treatment in high school, and even dip a mask revitalizing effect.

Even when it comes to makeup, the reference is to the anti – fatigue products , the new target aging . It is no secret that a rested face is a sign of youth. And when there is no time, no chance, and even if you have skin frazzled, nothing these formulas apply yourself , you will see its transformation. The function of both is to minimize fine lines, the appearance of pores, and correct minor imperfections of the skin . And all this must be added plus to add an enviable brightness to the face.

Touche Éclat Blur Primer:  as its name suggests, is a ‘first’ to prepare the skin before applying makeup . It contains gold pigments that reflect light and add warmth to the face; and complex ‘soft focus’ gel, scattering reflection to alleviate attention to imperfections. In the formula it includes four nourishing oils (corn, apricot kernel, and rice bran passionflower) leaving very comfortable and flexible skin. Instantly conceals imperfections with an optical effect, smoothing its texture and enhancing the brightness for the foundation, if you use it , just right.

It is nothing greasy, its texture is very soft and velvety , and the effect on the skin is amazing. Then find the pores are invisible and the skin is left with a velvety flattering veil. It is applied with the fingers or with a brush; 1-2 doses are used in circular movements. Wait a few seconds to be set and then, if desired, the fund applies makeup.

Touche Éclat Blur Perfecting: is a smudger textured balm-powder that hides imperfections and enhances the natural glow of the face . The formula contains a combination of solid and ultralight oils which evaporate upon application, leaving nothing fatty perfecter face veil. It can be used alone or under foundation on areas where we want to camouflage small flaws. It is ideal for application on the T – zone (forehead, nose and chin) with your fingers or sponge.

Both products can be used without applying any foundation . Skin clean, moisturized and protected from the sun, the ‘First’ is applied in the face, then the ‘Perfecting’ for the areas where more light is wanted. This product is great for touch – ups after day. So it appears with a beautiful case to remove it at any time. (Sold exclusively at Sephora and El Corte Ingles, 45.50 € c / u.).

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