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20 beauty tips that every woman should know

In Skin Care Tips

Apply eye cream on cuticles, use egg whites for manicure, antihistamines dry skin, shampoo skin damage sulfate …

I think one of the things that we like women are the tips and beauty secrets.
My favorites are the homemade or natural. I must confess that I have never applied any in my house but it’s always good to know. In biut tips we chose 20 of
101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know .
1. Wear a exfoliate to get rid of dead skin, but limit yourself to 2-3 times a week to keep skin reseques.
2. For fair skin, find a cleanser with salicylic acid.
3. Antihistamines Allergy dry the skin so during allergy season, do not use base and replace it with a moisturizer with color.
Four.Use a pumice stone on your feet after showering to remove calluses.
5. The best minute to apply yourself creams is after shower because the skin is clean and “fat”.
6. Always there must remain two fingers away from the nose to where it starts flushing.
7. “Balance your makeup. If you are highlighting eye gloss, use lip mate “, Raychel Wade, founder of Chic and La Prairie ambassador color.
8. eyeliner Use white to make the eyes look less red.
9. To make their cheek bones stand out more, using bronzer under the cheekbone and the marker in the real cheekbone.
10. When using a cream product, make sure “close” makeup using translucent powder on it.
11. When buying organic beauty products, be sure to check whether they are actually organic certified by the FDA.
12. The carrot is excellent for hair. It includes in your diet this plant.
13. To make your curls last longer, those you do when your hair is completely dry before starting the pincer.
14. The more healthy, more healthy is your hair! Take a daily multivitamin with biotin that will help you grow hair.
15. Brush your curls with your fingers to give your hair a tousled look.
16. Winter can be especially damaging to hair, leaving it particularly dry. Eugene Davis, celebrity hair stylist suggests using a mask hair oil hair.
17. Choose sulfate free shampoo because they can be very strong hair and drying can dry the hair cuticle.
18. To prevent hair color from fading during the summer, use a conditioning treatment weekly or every two months.
19. To keep longer your manicure, apply a thin layer of clear in every two days.
20. Apply eye cream on cuticles.

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