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vitamins C and E For Clear Skin

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“Fruits and green vegetables help strengthen hair for its high content of vitamins C and E and zinc. And is that healthy eating provides benefits that are reflected inside out , “explains Maria Dolores TodoDermo Marin, an expert in Nutricosmetics of Innéov laboratories. Since this company warn that “hair care during the spring through a balanced diet prepares for summer and protects against damage from sun exposure increased, the chlorine in pools and salt water beaches .” Moreover, this season is a period of repair because “the cold winter air can absorb moisture from the hair, resulting in a rougher look and dull. Further,temperature changes caused by heating and use of the dryers weaken the hair fiber causing breakage and split ends dreaded “notes.


The specialists Innéov recommended intake kiwi, lime, green grapes, green pepper, and broccoli because “contain vitamin C which can stimulate capillary microcirculation, facilitating the oxygenation of the hair fiber to receive a greater amount of nutrients”. According Marin, these fruits and vegetables are particularly suitable for colored hair as “the action of chemicals used in dyes can contribute to the loss of moisture and change the pH”. In these cases it emphasizes “the importance of a diet containing essential fatty acids such as omegas blue fish, amino acids and proteins from lean meat and eggs, and vitamin A , present in the beets and carrots .”

  • Zinc is an essential mineral in the production of keratin

Other foods that advises the arrival of spring are avocado, cucumber, olives and spinach because “they are rich in vitamin E , a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells against the action of free radicals, responsible for skin aging. “

To stimulate the production of keratin, the protein involved in the structure of hair and nails, Marin bet on the table include ” green apples, asparagus and spinach rich in zinc , an essential mineral in the production of keratin”. To this list of green products add oysters, crabs and veal, which have a high percentage of this asset.


Innéov’s expert insists that “a balanced diet is essential and, when enough fruits and vegetables are consumed, resorting to Nutricosmetics may be of interest to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals derived from poor diet.” For Marin, “the purpose of these compounds is reset substances the body can not manufacture or whose production is insufficient”. In this laboratory have Innéov Densilogy , “a food supplement with vitamin D, omega 3 and zinc that favors hair growth” stresses.

For advice of these products in the pharmacy, Marin notes that “should always be recommended to healthy adults and, if they are for hair, youth can take from 16 years.” Nutricosmetics on aging, this expert says that “ideally take them preventively, at the beginning of the first signs of aging such as wrinkles or sagging, but it all depends on each person, your genetics and your beauty routine.”


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