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“The skin changes can be disguised through corrective makeup, which helps to improve mood and adherence to treatment in patients with cancer , ” said the voice of Dermopharmacy the College of Pharmacists of Castellón, Maria Latasa, during the training day dermocosmetics and skin care of cancer patients, organized by the College of Pharmacists with laboratories La Roche-Posay, on 3 December by videoconference in all Associations of Pharmacists of Spain .

Thus, ” having cancer and being beautiful is not only possible but also advisable because it expresses a number of psychological benefits , ” says dermatologist Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Mayte Truchuelo. And, it takes a series of routines and a habit of cleaning and given care can improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Here, Cristina Tiemblo, pharmaceutical and national member of Dermopharmacy the General Council of Colleges of Pharmacists explained “from the pharmacy, the professional can launch a whole series of tools to facilitate cleaning and care skin . “Since advise the use of cosmetics gentle cleansers and soap to wash scalp 1 or 2 times a week with a suitable shampoo or shower with warm water. Should discourage the use of hard sponges and stress the need to properly hydrate the skin with creams and, of course, use sunscreen even in winter.

But not only must take account of these guidelines it is also important to remind patients to wear loose linen or cotton clothing, avoid contact with metals and sudden changes in temperature.

Following these patient assistance, often affected by skin problems caused by cancer treatments advice. Some of these problems include skin disorder, “nails or hair in varying degrees, cutaneous xerosis, rashes on the facial area, hair and chest, the appearance of redness, cracking hands and feet or inflammation areas around the nails. ” All this, as said Sara Encinas, attending physician at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Madrid, “are temporary and reversible symptoms, but with great impact on your life.”

For its part, the vocal Dermopharmacy the Official College of Pharmacists of Zaragoza and one of the coordinators of the day, Beatriz Saralegui, stressed the need to train professional pharmacist and said “are one of the most qualified professionals to advise on differentially cosmetic products because they know the active cosmetics and pharmaceutical forms. “

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