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Summer comes and with it one of the perennial fashion among teenagers: henna tattoos. Therefore, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) reports the risk associated with the use of temporary tattoos based black henna. Among the most notable consequences, these drawings can cause severe allergic reactions and permanent skin sensitization and may in some cases require medical attention.

  • The material used is natural henna, obtained from leaves and flowers of a bush.

These tattoos direct application of henna on the skin are made without intradermal injection. The material used is natural henna, obtained from leaves and flowers of a bush. The powder obtained is mixed them with different products to form a greenish brown paste. This paste should be in direct contact with the skin as long as possible to get a temporary tattoo red chestnut, lasting on the skin about three or four days.

However, in recent years has proliferated the use of black henna for conducting this type of temporary tattoos , making a drawing on the skin glossy black, more attractive and durable than natural henna is achieved. And it is this henna that causes complications when added other colorants, such as p-phenylenediamine , or PPD, which is prohibited for direct use on the skin, as it can trigger severe allergic skin reactions. In addition, users can be permanently sensitized so that future contact with this substance present for example in many hair dyes market can trigger a picture of allergic contact dermatitis.

The symptoms of these allergic reactions can occur up to several weeks after application, and may consist of itching, redness, stains, blisters or even permanent skin discoloration and scars in the area where the tattoo is applied, requiring in one of the cases urgent medical attention or hospitalization.

From the AEMPS also insist avoid this kind of henna, recommend caution before tenders to carry out temporary tattoos with henna proliferate in summer on beaches, markets and other outdoor events. If you have recently applied to your skin a temporary henna tattoo black base and have any of the above symptoms, seek medical service.

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